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Understanding the Toyota E15x series gearboxes, a basic guide to...

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by Stig, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong as I'm new to this....one needs a PhD to fully understand the "E" series boxes fitted to FWD and AWD Celica's, MR2 turbo, RAV4, Camry/Solara V6, ST206 Curren, ST216 Caldina etc

    There's major confusion out there when it comes to the Celica AWD gearbox which comes about as the Rally teams had LSD diffs and also LSD diffs are available for these boxes (but only for the FWD versions).

    The rally team (TTE) used sequential custom made X-Trac gearboxes which you can still buy IF you have money to burn and a holiday house in Switzerland.
    The group N Rally cars (Production class) were restricted to stock gearboxes but the teams did have special LSD's made - cost was $5000+ ea

    The Quaife, TRD, Kaaz aftermarket LSD units are intended to go into the V6 FWD boxes only - Camry, Solara V6 etc and will not work in the AWD box. and will only work in MR2 turbo/Camry V6 etc box with MR2 driveshaft inners

    The FWD Touring cars, Carina, Camry etc used sequential 6 speed boxes made by Quaife, Hewland and X-Trac - again you could order one when holidaying in your Swiss home.

    This ST182 is fitted with an ex Touring car motor with FWD sequential box, it's impressive to watch with "only" 290hp on tap - [video=youtube;EEp4bkZ10GY]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEp4bkZ10GY[/video]

    All these FWD sequential boxes (and the WRC AWD) are unsuitable for road use in that they use straight cut gears and the noise is horrendous, think reverse in all gears

    Whats esp confusing to noobs is that the "C"- (A engines), "S" - (S engines), and "E" - (S turbo engines, V6's & RAV 4X4) gearboxes look similar, are easily confused and take some familiarization.
    There are also major differences inside the boxes and not all models are the same, ie I believe the RAV4 version has much thinner gears

    Here you can see the two shafts going to the transfer box, should be easy to eliminate one and convert it to FWD? - WRONG, the inner feeds power to the RHS front wheel, the outer feeds power to the viscous coupling and uses the drag of the coupling to engage the open front diff.

    The AWD LSD is complex in that it is actually TWO LSD's in order to engage the front wheels and transfer box, there are currently NO aftermarket LSD's available to do this.
    Some have tried welding up/locking the viscous coupling and the result is aways the same - broken collars or worse - the viscous coupling itself explodes or burns up

    The TTE X-Trac gearbox - The 1st Rally car to be fitted with a 6 speed sequential gearbox - uses a hydralic (hydralock) coupling system.
    It features a front LSD diff which is said to have eliminated power-on understeer completely and made the cars tail-happy
    These were also made to fit the FWD Touring cars

    The Quaife Touring car FWD sequential 6 speed gearbox - different bellhousings meant it was widely used by other manufacturers as well

    The Hewland Touring car FWD sequential 6 speed gearbox - bellhousings can be made to fit any FWD

    An early (JDM only?) F1 ST165 box, it used a pneumatic locking centre diff and was quickly withdrawn in favour of the F2 viscous type
    Still trying to get info on these and they are extinct, I'll be shocked to come across another one

    Some of the various shafts, note the thick MR2 LSD inners

    So how do I know if mine's an LSD? - simple, can you see thru it?


    Can a AWD or MR2 box be used in FWD mode? - yes
    Here's my E50 F2 converted to FWD with an MR2 LSD Diff & cover plate, Camry, Solara etc does not have LSD but looks identical.

    There is talk some ST206 Currens with Beams motors are also LSD but as yet no photgraphic proof has been found
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  2. Redrkt01

    Redrkt01 Well-Known Member

    Stig, I've heard both ways that the appearance of the pinion shaft is indicitive of LSD. Some say it being there means LSD. Like you, others say it means that it is not. Others say that you have to obtain the box code to figure it out.

    I wonder if it has something to do with the tranny series. There is a ton of discussion about LSD amonst the 6th Gen folks over on their site. The ST204 got S54s and the ST202 got both the S54 and the E56. I have the ST202 E56. If I recall correctly, I have the pinion shaft and mine is LSD. I used MR2 LSD inners to make my hybrid axles and everything fits perfectly. What are your thoughts? There seesm to be a lot of variation out there so I'd like to get to the bottom of it.

    BTW, if you can identify a true LSD box you can cross reference the parts on toyodiy.com. Apparently, the ST206 Curren does indeed come available with LSD as does the Carina Ed and the Corona.
  3. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    I'm still looking into it but the hundreds of pics I've studied indicate the non-lsd has a single double ended pinion shaft wheras the lsd versions have 2 double ended pinion shafts coming from a centre hub.
    Whether the hub is hollow or not is up to the manufacturer

    Yes, there are many types of lsd and many of them work differently so it's a complicated subject and we still have much to learn.
  4. Redrkt01

    Redrkt01 Well-Known Member

    Anything that I can dig up on mine, I'll keep this thread informed about.
  5. Redrkt01

    Redrkt01 Well-Known Member

    I don't know enough about how they work to make a determination. Will a schematic comparison of the Non-LSD S54 and the unknown E56 variant yield any clues?

    JPN S54 (LSD: Yes)

    JPN S54 (LSD: No)

    JPN E56 (LSD unkown)
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  6. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    Kinda hard to tell when the diff isn't exploded
    Compare the last 2, the non has only one pin for the pinion and the last pic shows a block with 4 pins on it for the lsd

    What I meant to say earlier in the thread was that if you're in doubt all you got to do is jack up the wheels and turn one while out of gear -
    In a non lsd the opposide wheel will turn in the opposite direction
    In a lsd the wheels will turn in the same direction

    You can do that with no shafts and watch the rotation on the opposite side
  7. Oompa

    Oompa Well-Known Member

    By the way you can claim to be shocked as I have the E150F1 box at work!!
  8. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    Nice one Bruce, glad to have you aboard!
    Was that from your car?
    How does it work?
    Can we take it apart and play with it? - I'll give you a F2 transfer in exchange
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  9. Redrkt01

    Redrkt01 Well-Known Member

    I just had an interesting conversion with a guy with my exact setup on 6gc.net. He says that all E56s in the ST202s are LSD. That would make sense since the E56s were only offered with the more aggressive SS system. He said it is the viscous type and that after it wears out it can be replaced by any MR2 E153 LSD. He also said that the bar in the E56 is indicitive of LSD for out tranny.
  10. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    Your friend is mistaken unfortunately
    Oompa has just fitted a ST205 box (on my thread) and it's not LSD, neither is the one in Tui's grey GT4.
    The ST205 does not use the E56 either, I think that's found in a FWD ST206 Curren
    The Centre coupling is viscous like on the F2 boxes but not the front diff, swapping the front diff makes the front end a lot more stable according to a guy who drove one of the OZ rally teams Group N cars.
    You cannot use the MR2 LSD in a GT4 box -the shafts are different and also there's no way to mesh the transfer shafts

    The rally teams had front LSD's made for their cars - and you can still get them made, but @ $5-6000 ea

    This is why I wrote the thread - there's too much misinformation going around

    Here's an article written over here for the JDM guys which I find usefull -

    E Gearbox Identification

    There have been at least 7 different GT-Four gearboxes, possibly more.
    So how do you tell them apart if you find one at a wrecker?
    Toyota don't stamp their gearboxes with the type number, so it isn't easy.

    E50 F1
    Only fitted to 86-87 Japan spec ST165 models. No viscous coupling, locking centre diff. Not a good performance choice. Has a large pneumatic actuator fitted to the transfer. (As stated above Oompa has just removed one from his early JDM ST165)

    E50 F2
    Fitted to all 87-92 models (post build number -0002274). Introduces viscous coupling. Available with 4.285 final drive (Japan) or 3.933 (export). These have a cast steel clutch fork and a diagnostic selector above the rhs hub for 2wd mode which only works if the rear wheels are stationary. Note the electronic speedo adapter

    E150 F2
    Later ST185 gearbox. Identified by the cast steel clutch fork

    E151 F
    ST185 RC gearbox. Improved dual cone synchros. Fitted with 3.933 final drive in all homologation models. This gearbox may have also been fitted to other post 91 facelift ST185's.

    E152 F
    I believe that this is the gearbox from the Japan only GT-Four Rally model. This has different ratios.
    I don't know how to identify the different ST185 gearboxes! Without stamped markings, they all look the same.

    RWD/FWD box fitted to MR2-T and Camry V6 models (1992-94?)
    The MR2 version has a LSD and forward facing selectors, unsure if the Camry/Solara has LSD, sofar it appears not. Speedo drive is a large electronic unit
    MR2, note the selector mechanism

    E154 F
    Revised ST205 gearbox with different ratios for better accellaration. Dual cone synchros are used as per the RC gearbox.
    The fwd selector lever has been removed. Obviously this is the gearbox to buy! Easily identified by the lack of fwd selector lever and the small rubber vent below the shift fork.

    FWD box fitted to gen6 models, has a pressed steel cover plate, electronic speedo, LSD
    Camry/Solara V6 has the E52 without LSD

    Ratios: (Japan spec)
    ...........1st... 2nd....3rd....4th...5th.....Rev...F/Drive
    E50F1 3.583 2.045 1.333 0.972 0.731 3.583 4.285? ST165 1986 JDM only with locking transfer
    E50F2 3.583 2.045 1.333 0.972 0.731 3.583 4.285 ST165 1987-1989, Viscous version
    E150F 3.384 1.913 1.333 0.972 0.731 3.545 4.285 ST185 1990-1992,
    E151F 3.583 2.045 1.333 0.972 0.731 3.545 3.933 ST185 RC - revised synchros on 2,3
    E152F.3.230 2.142 1.518 1.258 0.731 3.545 4.285 ST185 Rallye
    E153..3.230 1.913 1.258 0.918 0.731 3.545 4.285 MR2 1991-1992
    E153..3.230 1.913 1.258 0.918 0.731 3.545 4.285 MR2 1993-1995 - revised synchros on 2,3,R,5
    E153..3.230 1.913 1.258 0.918 0.731 3.545 3.933 .Camry/Windom/Solara/Lexus V6 (non LSD?)
    E154F 3.384 1.913 1.258 0.918 0.731 3.545 4.285 ST205 - revised synchros on 2,3,R,5
    E154F ...........................................................ST205 Rallye - revised synchros on 2,3,R,5

    Kaaz..3.231 2.235 1.667 1.250 0.964 3.545.any...close ratio gearset (US$3000) Add a 4.1 or above diff and you have an awesome box up to 200km/h

    Narrow boxes have pressed side covers and are not compatible with the wide version, they are some 20mm narrower.
    Later "NARROW" versions - not compatible with earier types
    E350.....3.583 2.045 1.333 0.972 0.731 3.583 4.285. .Scion TC - non LSD, no oil pump
    E351.....3.583 2.045 1.333 0.972 0.731 3.583 4.285.. Camry, Solara, Avensis 1992 - non LSD, no oil pump
    E52/E56.3.583 2.045 1.333 1.028 0.820 3.583 3.944? Camry 1988/ Lexus ES300 - non lsd - oil pump
    E56F.....................................................................Camry 4WD?

    These numbers are from the Hyperrev so export and US spec models may differ.
    The RC gearbox ratios are what have been found in 3 RC gearboxes locally
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  11. Redrkt01

    Redrkt01 Well-Known Member

    All that may be true for the E154, but how does the stack up on the E56 (my box)? And not a friend.....just some guy Rusty pointed me to. It was kind of an eye opener and I'm still not sure what to think. You almost can't trust anyone.

    I'm glad you wrote the thread. There are many like this one and probably on every forum. I can't work out what is what.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2012
  12. Oompa

    Oompa Well-Known Member

    Yep from my car. Once I have my car going I'd be glad to give it to you for something else in your stash. Something small as it's really only interesting to the mechanically minded!! I have read that it works by pushing a fork in or something to physically lock the front and rear. I used it a couple of times and you could notice a difference. Mainly the car was less agreeable to turning. You would get more understeer or "push" in the corners. I thought it was a throw back to old 4 wheel drives and would only really come into its own on very slippery surfaces like snow,ice or loose gravel. I will be in touch once I have my car going I will be looking into getting rid of everything that I pulled from the original set up. Cheers.
  13. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    From what I can make out the E56 is a FWD lsd box, only you can answer that by turning the wheels
    All the ones I've seen were listed as E153, whether that is the same as yours is the question

    1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Reverse Diff
    3.538 2.045 1.333 1.028 0.82 3.583 ? - Strange gearing almost the same as a ST165 but with shorter 4th/5th gears
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  14. Redrkt01

    Redrkt01 Well-Known Member

    Kev, you're right about it being FWD. As that was obviously the platform for the ST202. Also, the E series has been used on all kinds of applications. Camrys, Sprinters, and Treunos all have used E series at one point or another. That gearing is straight out of the BGB, so you're right there. It is also almost idendicle to the S54 except the 1st and 2nd gears are a little taller.
  15. Redrkt01

    Redrkt01 Well-Known Member

    Final drive is 3.944
  16. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    How do you know?
    I searched and all I came up with was those ratios and some confusion between the E52 & E56 (seems it's the same?)
    E56 - lsd
    E52 - open
    It has a pressed steel cover? I've updated the notes with some pics

    Bruce - I was under the impression that it unlocked the rear and the car actually drove in FWD mode?

    If that is the case then there may be a few surprises in store inside that box, ie. if you run a F2 in FWD mode they burn the coupling and break the selector collar
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2012
  17. Oompa

    Oompa Well-Known Member

    Stig, I used it on grass and tarmac and it was definitely still driving the rear wheels!!

  18. Redrkt01

    Redrkt01 Well-Known Member

    Stig, I know because it is in one of the three BGBs I had to source for my ST202 3SGE into ST162 project. Per RM380E the ST202/4 was specifically available with the C52, S54, or E56. I'm not sure about the ST203/6/7.

    The E52, E56 and E58 are all super, super similar. I believe the E56 came in both LSD and non-LSD versions.
  19. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    Interesting, that would mean that the front and rear could lock solid but with an open front/rear diff it doesn't quite make sense.

    I read on wiki somewhere the E52 was non lsd for the Camry/Solara V6 and the E56 was lsd in Celica/Curren

    Also theres a bunch of E boxes fitted to Corolla's I never knew about, I wonder if the internals are the same as they have some different gears
  20. Redrkt01

    Redrkt01 Well-Known Member

    Most of the internals are the same. In fact, most of the internals of my E56 are akin to the E153. I've compared part number on all kinds of stuff and found that I can source just about anything for this Euro tranny of mine via a USDM model.

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