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Show those gauges!

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Mafix, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    Post up your gauges!

  2. underscore

    underscore Well-Known Member

    why the sideways?
  3. csnyder

    csnyder Active Member

    Here are the gauges in the St165:


    Here are the gauges in the ST162:





  4. sprey16

    sprey16 Well-Known Member

    love the side gauges , i might get some for mine soon , tho mine will be on the right hand side :O
  5. 88st165

    88st165 Well-Known Member

    not yet finished but ill post what i got... prosport white/amber gauges: water temp, (oil temp, oil pressure should be here this week from twosrus).


    -switch is for water injection
    -led shows when the WI sprays

    - i might put more gauges where the center vents are but im on the fence about that... i do have the a-pillar 3 gauge pod but personally i dont like the look of it... too many ricers rolling around with that look... plus i like to keep it as sleeper as i can...

    dont mind the radio, i barely use it... i dont even really know why i have it b/c you can barely hear it over the open midpipe exhaust (only alpine type s speakers in the front, no rears)...
  6. sprey16

    sprey16 Well-Known Member

    cool didnt know u cud fit it where the ash tray was lol!
  7. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    i'm really tall so i have to turn my gauges. i cannot see the top of them. so the vacuum stuff i don't much care about anf the egt being below 600 degrees i don't much care about.
  8. 88st165

    88st165 Well-Known Member

    hey mafix you're right about the visibility... the prosports are kinda skewed when viewed from that much of an angle (it almost has a concave type lens) so i have to bend down to see exactly where the needle is pointing... so thats really annoying...
    im was going to move the three gauges to the center vents where csnyder has them but im thinking of just doing the 3 pods on the dash...
  9. sprey16

    sprey16 Well-Known Member

    ok so i finaly brought some , to be honest i cudnt resist haha !!
    come with , tach - i know how to install
    water temp- is it that same wiring as the temp gauge on the dash ??
    and oil pressure i guess thats the same as the oil pressure on the dash

    i know your thinking wtf why have double ups well i duno i just think it would be cool having side ones.

  10. 88st165

    88st165 Well-Known Member

    those look pretty nice, what brand are they?
  11. sprey16

    sprey16 Well-Known Member

    there just called auto gauge lol ! , doesnt matter to much i just like things that light up , they light up blue ,
  12. 1fstgts

    1fstgts Well-Known Member Staff Member Administrator Moderator Donated!

    Well...Id thought I throw this back out there since I havent been around in awhile. This custom cluster took me a bit of work to do but was worth it.

  13. Alwayzsidewayz

    Alwayzsidewayz ST162 Guru Donated!

    I never ever get tired od seeing that pic, I have a spare cluster, in which I am hoping to do a few trick things, yours is the inspiration!!
  14. 1fstgts

    1fstgts Well-Known Member Staff Member Administrator Moderator Donated!

    Thanks! I only wish I would have took pictures of the build process. Just an FYI I didnt use anything from the old cluster. I had to custom make a spedo cable. I also chopped off the factory harness plugs and wired on new ones. All the gauges are mounted on a aluminum panel, some of the idiot lights are connected with leds along with the the turn sigs. I need to install one more gauge in the lower left of the panel, when I do Ill take some pictures of the backside of it.
  15. Alwayzsidewayz

    Alwayzsidewayz ST162 Guru Donated!


    I will prob stay with the existing speed, tacho, fuel and oil pressure gauges, but I want to custom mount into the boost gauge and the water temp gauges, digital displays.

    The boost gauge would then display a green on black LED read out of my intake temps, and the Water temp gauge would display a digital read out of water, with a warning LED mounted above it. I am also going to wire in an buzzer to alert me if the temps go beyond a cetain point.

    I was going to gut the gauges, keept the housing, then cut the space for the displays, flush mount them, and add my own wiring loom to the back of them.

    Any tips / suggestions most welcome :D
  16. nbx33

    nbx33 Well-Known Member

    I am using te STI style center cauge pad myself
    Where did you punch the hole at to run the wires?

    but where do you purchase the A pillar gauge pod.

    Jus in case i decide to get more.
  17. Klue

    Klue Well-Known Member Donated!

    MY stylez

  18. redcelica86

    redcelica86 Member

    hey guys!
    Just wondering what must be done with the spedometer when you put in a GenIII 3sgte since one is electronic and the other is mechanical?
  19. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    A: Keep the mechanical gauge/cable and swap the gearbox sender unit with your old one

    Seen these before?

    NZDM AT160 85-6 (4A-GE) at rear (Thames Plant)
    JDM ST162/5 87-9 (3S-FE/GE/GTE) in front

    JDM? ST162-R 86 (3S-FE) - Australian model imported to NZ

    JDM ST162 88 Auto FE model has 3 settings on the rev counter, Economy - Power - Manual
    O/D is seperate

    JDM ST165 88 (3S-GTE) Viscous Diff version
    Note the diff indicator, anybody know what the turbo light is for?

    JDM ST162 87 (3S-GE) TEMS model - Toyota Electronic Modular Suspension

    This kit is sometimes available on Australian ebay for $80 - requires extinct AT160 speedo or ADM speedo

    edit: added Tems pic
  20. nbx33

    nbx33 Well-Known Member

    Where did the wires go? I have the same Gauge Setup and wanted to Run some gauges. Whic was afraid that if i Drillinto the area underneath that i would go thru my Vents.
    I think i am going to have to remove my Dash to do this Correctly.

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