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Cruise Control Removal Writeup

Discussion in 'Engine and Drivetrain' started by st162rocket, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. st162rocket

    st162rocket Well-Known Member

    This what you basically start out with
    • The cable from the gas pedal to the cruise control
    • A cable going from the cruise control to the Throttle Body
    • Plus one vacuum hose from the T splitter to the cruise control

    Step One: Disconnecting Throttle body/Cruise Control cables

    First Push on the Throttle body to give slack to the cable

    Like this. The peg connected to the cable will be able to be pulled out because it lines up with the hole to pop out

    Like This. Remember to loosen the Two Bolt nuts that holds the cable in place

    Same thing with Cruise Control
    Something like this

    Step 2 Vacuum line rerouting
    Cruise Control has this Vacuum line T splitter
    The only thing You need to do is:
    Remove what is shown on the picture
    The hose connected on the left side of the T splitter goes directly to where the hose on the right of the T splitter was connected to

    Step 3 Remove Cruise Control

    Disconnect the White connector from the Cruise Control
    Three Bolts (Size 10 (metric)) holds the Cruise Control
    Remove them to remove the cruise control, but put them back in
    So no dirt comes in through those holes especially when its close to drive belts

    From this
    To this

    Last step rerouting the gas pedal cable to the throttle body

    Best way I see it, reroute the cable behind the TVIS
    Secure line with those bolt nuts
    Attach the peg into the throttle body
    Secure the throttle cable, so it won’t bounce around, with zip ties

    This change has a direct feel to the throttle.
    Very quick response
    Have to adjust your timing when you apply the clutch for shifting gears or slowing down
    I think this could also work on the 3SFE, just double check guys if you have one

    Other things to remove are the switchs:
    Wiring also can be removed yet that tends to be tedious and time consuming
    If you want, just trace back wiring to remove

    Hope it works out for yea and Good Luck :mrgreen:
  2. Celic_GT2

    Celic_GT2 Well-Known Member Moderator Donated!

    good work on that man, im sure lots will get help from this.
  3. sr5punk

    sr5punk Well-Known Member

    hell yeah! man i wonder if that stupid vaccum line is my problem with the cc not working. son of a bitch! time to check it out...one of these days! :mrgreen:
  4. lone wolf

    lone wolf Well-Known Member Donated!

    so...if it was still working, why not sell it to me :) I like cc !!
  5. Rick89GTS

    Rick89GTS Well-Known Member Moderator Donated!

    Good job on that write-up. Pics are important :mrgreen:
  6. underscore

    underscore Well-Known Member

    keep those buttons, and use them to control schmoots sleepy eyes ;) or something else.
  7. 86CelicaGT-S

    86CelicaGT-S Well-Known Member

    Hey, great write-up by the way. I just saw this thread yesterday and went ahead and did this. I've never used cruise control once so no use keeping it. Got a question/problem though.

    You'll see in the picture below that I do not have that T-Splitter for the vacuum hose. The Vacuum hose simply comes from the TB and goes directly to the cruise control. So my question is: What do I do with this Vacuum hose? It stumped me yesterday so I called it a night before the mosquitoes got more samples of my blood :mrgreen: . Though before going in I did manage to get everything taken out and re-routed the throttle cable; just this bit left.


    Here's a close up of the Vacuum hose coming off the TB.

    Thanks for any help!!!

  8. 86CelicaGT-S

    86CelicaGT-S Well-Known Member

    K, never mind I found some vacuum hose caps at the parts store. They work perfectly.

    Here's some pictures; thanks again for the write-up.


    Wow, this engine bay needs a cleaning!

  9. st162rocket

    st162rocket Well-Known Member

    i was about to reply to your question since i saw it at work while on break
    but i needed my photo editing program to show you what could be done. to tell you the
    truth, i wasn't really sure it would work.

    Since you blocked it off with a cap and it works fine...then you figured it out. its fine.

    with the cc removed it seems more open, so i'm glad it worked out

    sorry i couldn't respond to you as soon as possible :oops: ...work is killing me.
  10. 86CelicaGT-S

    86CelicaGT-S Well-Known Member

    Oh no worries, I know how it is. I'm working my a** of at work; I have become a working stiff now :x . But yeah the plugs I used said Vacuum Cap on the container so must be the right thing, they were also a snug fit so they shouldn't go anywhere. Thanks again for the write-up.
  11. 86CelicaGTS

    86CelicaGTS Well-Known Member

    tanner does your car have ac?
  12. Seank90

    Seank90 Well-Known Member Donated!

    i want cc!!! :( why would you remove it? does it make any difference?
  13. 86CelicaGTS

    86CelicaGTS Well-Known Member

    my gas pedal was way more touchy, which is a good thing
  14. Seank90

    Seank90 Well-Known Member Donated!

    but is it not sooo handy on long journeys???
  15. 86CelicaGTS

    86CelicaGTS Well-Known Member

    i suppose, i rarely ever have to drive more than an hour anyways and its barely ever on high way with no traffic...so i dont regret it at all
  16. Seank90

    Seank90 Well-Known Member Donated!

    do you still have al the parts??? :D
  17. 86CelicaGTS

    86CelicaGTS Well-Known Member

    bad thing is im only 90% sure it works still.
    when i got the car i used it on the high way and it worked great, the accel and decel buttons etc all worked.
    but i tried it before i took it out, on a couple roads around the area where the speed limit is 30mph, and it didnt work. im not sure if you have to be going certain speeds like high way speeds or what, or i could have had a hose unplugged or something, and i also dont have the buttons for it, as i dont want to remove them from the interior.
  18. Seank90

    Seank90 Well-Known Member Donated!

    haha!!! no problem man!!! :p i think it would just be cool to have!!!
  19. 86CelicaGT-S

    86CelicaGT-S Well-Known Member

    Not anymore it doesn't :mrgreen: Only the interior A/C button is still there.

    p.s Reason I removed my CC was because I have never even had a thought to use it while driving. Done a couple 900 km round trip road trips and even then it never came into mind to use it. So basically there was no use to have it when I don't use it.
  20. 86CelicaGTS

    86CelicaGTS Well-Known Member

    Not anymore it doesn't :mrgreen: Only the interior A/C button is still there.

    p.s Reason I removed my CC was because I have never even had a thought to use it while driving. Done a couple 900 km round trip road trips and even then it never came into mind to use it. So basically there was no use to have it when I don't use it.[/quote:2un25r9x]
    what size was the new belt u had to get?

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