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convert old boost gauge to the volt meter?

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Awesome-Trac, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. Awesome-Trac

    Awesome-Trac Well-Known Member

    I have just recently added a aftermarket boost gauge on my 165 and want to replace the old cluster with the boost gauge to the gts cluster with the volt meter. does anyone know or have done this before?
  2. scottjackson1209

    scottjackson1209 Well-Known Member Donated!

    The gt/gts volt meter isn't very accurate...I personally wouldn't bother. But I had all sorts of issues with mine on my old gt.
  3. Toytuner

    Toytuner Well-Known Member Donated!

    My 165 has a GTS voltmeter in it. Mine seems to work just fine.
  4. Awesome-Trac

    Awesome-Trac Well-Known Member

    How was hooking it up? Do you know what needs to be done to make it work?
  5. toyotawes

    toyotawes Active Member

    doh, double post...
  6. toyotawes

    toyotawes Active Member

    Kind of like an analog idiot light...
  7. toyotawes

    toyotawes Active Member

    If you are looking to replace the whole cluster, it might work. I would imagine for production efficiency the wiring/plugs are all there already. I do know that on a 1st gen camry I swapped instrument clusters from the basic one to the better one with a tach and whatnot and all the stuff on the better cluster worked fine with no changes by me. Plugs were the same and all the necessary wires were there.

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