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can you identify these headers ??

Discussion in 'All Motor Power' started by cannon, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. XR Pilot

    XR Pilot Well-Known Member

    I picked up about somewhere around 10-13hp after swapping to a 2 1/4" cat back and extractors. Made more in the top end, lost a fraction down low.
  2. cannon

    cannon Guest

    the difference it made on mine to a stock 3sge was insane, maybe in 1st gear up intil tvis kicks in it has a bit of lag but once you get going it makes a big differnce
  3. cannon

    cannon Guest

    if you have a few bolt ons here and there, like intake mods and maybe extractors and an exhaust, be very suprised if your dyno figures actually reach what the motor is meant to produce from the factory, many people de-tune their cars from the mods that they do and you will end up with a slower engine than what they started with. also you have to remember how old the 3Sge is, so in many cases a major service can be your best mod!!
  4. racerb

    racerb Well-Known Member

    Thats the company (Genie) that I contacted about getting a header for my GTS. They didn't sell a race only header, so I passed, might be something we could arrange a group buy. Price was good, but shipping was going to be the killer.

    racerb :eek:
  5. Alwayzsidewayz

    Alwayzsidewayz ST162 Guru Donated!

    Just to add to the chat, I have here the Offical figures from UK toyota for the St162 2.0GT liftback they sold here which was the 3sge

    They quote 147bhp @ 6400rpm or 110KW @6400rpm and then 180nm @4800rpm or 132lbs/ft @4800rpm

    They then quote as Max speed 131 mph 210km/hr and 0-60 time of 8.7sec

    What is confusing me is why they are so many different power out puts, as if the JDM is 160bhp, the UK is 147bhp, why are you only at 135bhp??

    From my tuning experience with N/A cars, aftermarket exhaust and manifold can help power, but they can also effect Torque, when I changed to a 421 system for my 2.0 capri, I gained 9bhp at 5500rpm over my pre set up, but torque was down in the lower engine speeds.

    I will try to find out what the compression ratio and ing timing was for the UK model, as they have =12bhp stock over your base figures which maybe is to do with Fuel?
  6. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    nice and clean now. lets keep things that way.
  7. slow_yota

    slow_yota Well-Known Member

    im lost?
  8. slow_yota

    slow_yota Well-Known Member


    Check out the crush bent action on this guy..i'm sure it is even more restricted than the 1 5/8 outlet


    1st gen header.. 2.0 Ltr engine

    y pipe colllector: 1 5/8

    primary runners: 1 1/4

    1nz-fe echo engine 1.5 Ltr engine

    y pipe collector: 2 1/4

    primary runners: 1 1/2

    these are the specs on my echo race header..was very happy with the results when i installed it..the power band was much more smoother and it pulled harder longer.

    stock echo header.. for comparisons

    y pipe collector: 1 1/2

    primary runners: 1 1/16

    Some one can do the math if they want but thats a gain of
    .75" of an inch on the y pipe and .43" on the primarys
  9. XR Pilot

    XR Pilot Well-Known Member

    Exactly! :D You can certainly end up with less power than when you started if your mods aren't well thought out. Even well thought out mods can turn out bad :p So far my car has done somewhere around 30 power pulls on the dyno, just trying out different changes, ECU's, intake setups etc. Sometimes we lost, othertimes we gained.

    Alwayzsidewayz - I'm been trying to work out why there are so many differnet power outputs for a while. From my results thus far I haven't had good results from a JDM ecu, so I've crossed that one off the list.
  10. mephtar

    mephtar Well-Known Member

    Hey XP, what degree did u advance the timing too?

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