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Upper radiator cooling plate

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by JoeJack88, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. JoeJack88

    JoeJack88 Well-Known Member Super Moderator Donated!

    *update! Read bottom of this post

    Hi guys, this is a possible interest group buy post, I have contacted the owner of XIIImotorsports to possibly make a upper radiator cooling plate. This will be similar to what the 5th gen has factory. If you are serious about this, have money available, no on the fencers. Let's make this happen.
    Here are the requirements,

    1. Have disposable income
    2. The maximum amount you'll pay
    That does not mean it will cost that much, it just means if it's worth his time, he has a business to run.

    Please post here, no spamming, questions welcomed.

    Update 1, I got a email from Luke, he told prices of aluminum have skyrocketed in Canada 40%. I was told the maximum price for this would be $250usd. Now come on guys, this is definitely gonna be a unique one off piece produced for our chassis, not many things are made these for the st16x.
    If you are serious and are willing to the much, please comment " I'm in." and I'll add your name. The more we have, the lower the price will go

    Posted by Bryan Mokelky
    "'250USD is on par for the amount of prep work will be involved. It's going to take him some careful measurements, some great AutoCAD skills and a few fucked up pieces before he gets it cut right on the Plasms table, and his bends are accurate. It'll be a few days of work to perfect it. Which is well worth 250USD once you pay wages, material, equipment costs, etc.'"
    "'Don't forget the most important aspect, and that is...it ties up his other projects while he's working on ours. Therefore, it is costing him a lot more then what we can see.:"

    Members that are in :

    1. Joseph Randall
    2. Stefan Hahner
    3. Justin Morrill
    4. Daniel Wong
    5. Bryan J Mokelky
    6. Eric Stieve
    7. Jeffrey Ng
    8. Mike Hill
    9. Jordan Rooker

    Official Facebook link

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