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Stay standard open diff or run LSD ?

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by Hazzmac92, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Hazzmac92

    Hazzmac92 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys
    I have question regarding differentials

    I currently running a jap spec rev 1 3sge in my gen 4 mated to a s54 box

    Now every weekend I will take the car on a touge run, the car holds on so bloody well no tyre noise or anything

    My questions is I will be replacing my box for the correct s53 soon, will I have the box outside the car will it be worth putting an LSD differential in it or should I spend the money elsewhere on wider wheels suspension etc ?
  2. t100celicadrvr

    t100celicadrvr Well-Known Member Donated!

    My two cents is if it handles that good and your not having issues like excessive tire spinning exiting corners spend the money else where I put agxs and a rear white line sway bar , did wonders for my 88 coupe
  3. Hazzmac92

    Hazzmac92 Well-Known Member

    No spinning at all and I drive it stupid hard

    Mind you I coilovers, super pro bushings and negative 3 camber up front

    Might just do the box then

    Thanks for the advice
  4. t100celicadrvr

    t100celicadrvr Well-Known Member Donated!

    I bet that thing rips I'm jealous. I bought a total poly kit from a place in Europe did your bushings make a huge diff I haven't installed mine yet
  5. Hazzmac92

    Hazzmac92 Well-Known Member

    I felt a massive difference over stock
    But didn't do the sway bar bushings as I'm upgrading sway bars

    Corners really well now it's setup properly

    Definitely recommend the poly bushings

    Just need wider wheels and tyres more bracing too

    But I'm losing a lot of power as I have the fe gearbox is a 3.7:1 final drive vs the 4.1:1 that I should have
  6. t100celicadrvr

    t100celicadrvr Well-Known Member Donated!

    That's the same box I have slow as shut around town but on the freeway has some legs I have been collecting parts for two years for a v6 swap I have a e153 from a solara prob gonna do a build thread on it When I first got my car I thought it was an LSD cuz can't even get a second gear scratch but a tired old fe was the prob lol
  7. Hazzmac92

    Hazzmac92 Well-Known Member

    That's sounds sick
    Pretty keen to see how it turns out
  8. t100celicadrvr

    t100celicadrvr Well-Known Member Donated!

    Pretty excited to do a build thread and this car my dad bought new so got some sentiment as well I love the ge motors though mines just a four lug gt but soon will be a gt-6 lol I love this site I'm a rwd 3rd gen guy but when my dad gave me this as a driver I was hooked they down right mob in the twisties and get amazing mileage plus no one even knows what it is I love the fact we all can appreciate the same platform worldwide at a single site

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