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Speed @ 3000 rpm - diagnostic of what?

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by Kiasis, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Kiasis

    Kiasis Well-Known Member Donated!

    In an old thread I found the following listed for the gen 1 SGE. All speeds at 3000 rpm.

    1st gear - 16 mph
    2nd gear - 27 mph
    3rd gear - 40 mph
    4th gear - 52 mph
    5th gear - 65 mph

    My speed at 3000 rpm:
    2nd gear - 24 mph
    3rd gear -38 mph
    4th gear - 48 mph
    5th gear - 60 mph

    I'm getting a back end rumble/low howl. Tranny shift very smoothly, but I'm not liking this noise. Also getting a vibration that sounds like worn engine mounts except they are all new.

    Does the differential in speed that I'm getting vs. what I read I should get suggest a direction I can go in to diagnose? Thanks.
  2. Charger

    Charger Well-Known Member

    The differences in speed are likely from your tires being a different size than the car that was used to get the original numbers. Also your speedo gears, or gearing maybe slightly different. I see that they are all lower than the base numbers, maybe you clutch is going out? I doubt that is it though, as you would feel it slipping.

    I have no idea about the sound you said, but if you just put in new engine mounts and that's what it sounds like I would see if they are tightened, and I would torque them if you can. This is from an 87 Toyota BGB, and I'm not too sure if I read it right, I'm sure others are more helping on this subject.
    REAR - 38 FT-LB for bracket, 58 FT-LB for mount
    FRONT - 58 FT-LB for bracket, M/T 58 FT-BL for mount, A/T 38 FT-LB for mount

    "(Regarding front mount) Shake the engine several times and then tighten down the engine mounting bracket and installation bolts with no load on the front mounting insulator."

    I don't think the difference in speed has anything to do with your problem, but I don't really know. Also, is the sound on acceleration, idle, when you let off, all the time, or what?
  3. Kiasis

    Kiasis Well-Known Member Donated!

    Most noticeable when I come off the throttle. I'll check the engine mounts and see if anything loosened up. I think I had the same noise prior to replacing the engine and mounts (and a ton of other stuff), but that was a long time ago when I started this project.
  4. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    Your problem sounds like drive train somewhere?

    Loosen all mountings and tighten them together, the motor should then be secure
    on all 4

    Jack the car up, make sure it's secure on tresles etc
    Lie underneath and get someone to rev it up in the gears, you'll soon know
    if it is the box, a shaft or a wheel bearing

    Use a hammer handle or something solid to listen inside the box, motor etc

    Those speeds look consistent, your tyres/rims are probably just different

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