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Show Your Stereo!

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Youds, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. rye

    rye Well-Known Member Donated!

    Dub = Audiobahn

    Definetly not top of the line, but, really, they were $50 each....$75 with shipping to my door.... Can't beat that... even my pioneer sub I DID buy at walmart (lol im poor f u) was $100....and these dub's sound better than the pioneer did....

    Got mine from here http://www.onlinecarstereo.com/default.aspx

    And picked up the one amp off a forum and the other one off ebay.... ended up bein 80 used for the amp, and $100 new, but another friggin $50 in UPS charges the 2nd amp actually cost $150....

    So all in all I spent just over $300 for 1000w rms of bass...not bad!
  2. wickyman

    wickyman Guest

    That's not bad at all. Don't fret the being poor thing... I too have the same disease. lol If it wasn't for the little things in life, I would have offed myself about it already. lol But yeah, 1000W RMS is not bad at all, man! I really don't need all that much bump, but it would be nice to have. lol I looked at my sub last night, and the mice chewed through the center of it... BASTARDS! Not a huge deal, it was free... lol So, new box, new sub, and I plan on mounting the amp on the box also, maybe on a door, and put it on the inside of the box... Not sure yet. I have so many tricks up my sleeve! ;)
  3. rye

    rye Well-Known Member Donated!

    Keep in mind amp's can get real hot....so putting them inside a box is a bad idea unless you have some sort of alternative cooling going to it.....

    And don't mount it directly to the box unless you use thick mdf (5/8) or so...otherwise the bass-reflex will kill the amp from the vibrations....
  4. wickyman

    wickyman Guest

    I was planning on having alternate cooling, always! lol I always over cool everything! I was thinking 4-120mm fans, with a passive push pull direct cooling. :D Also, I was planning on making a separate chamber for the amp to reside in. So basically it would be like this:

    |amp|space, sub|

    Then I was planning on also using pretty heavy MDF in between the sub and amp. I know all the do's and don'ts lol :D Thanks for the info though. I should have probably said that I used to build stuff like this all the time, in auto shop. :D
  5. TwinCamTuner

    TwinCamTuner Active Member

    my Head Unit: (Pioneer DEH-P3900MP w/remote)

    my Rear speakers: (130W,2way, 5-1/4", Pioneer TS-G1341R)

    the Front speakers: (110w, 2way, 4",Pioneer TS-G1041R)(look the same as the rears)
    all pioneer for my set up and all installed by me
  6. Jimbo246

    Jimbo246 Guest

    Head Unit
    4" dash speakers
    Custom 6.5 ULTIMATE door speakers
    Rear alpine 3way 6x9
    P1 10" 4ohm Sub in furry box
    little amp for rear fill 6x9's(works perfect despite its size)
    And other amp is P4004 rockford 4channel
    I have another amp to replace the small one, or in case i run 2 subs,but not installed yet
  7. sprey16

    sprey16 Well-Known Member

    cool dude , your speakers in the doors look good as :D

    i might do something like that later, whatd your screw them into the door card?
  8. Jimbo246

    Jimbo246 Guest

    I finally remembered how i did it. I used 4 screws that went into those clips that have a hole in them to screw into(cant really explain the clip) and i had a washer before them so it was strong. They are rock solid in there but the best part is that most of the weight is on the map holder. Or thats how i think i did it anyways
  9. sprey16

    sprey16 Well-Known Member

    cool :D , i might try it later

    yeah i know what you mean about the clips i get the idea
  10. Jimbo246

    Jimbo246 Guest

    i just remembered that i just screwed in from the back side with some big washers. Let me know if you need any help because they are definitely worth it.
  11. sprey16

    sprey16 Well-Known Member

    what size spacer did you use ? like what the speaker sits in
  12. rye

    rye Well-Known Member Donated!

    Here's mine for now....


    Running off 2x500w rms bazooka amps, and a JVC deck, woo

    Oh, and my car is my garage basically so I have no room for all that shit thats in there, so it stays in there, hah
  13. sprey16

    sprey16 Well-Known Member

    haha rye do your passengers have to sit on the subbox and ride it instead of a seat?
  14. Jimbo246

    Jimbo246 Guest

    i Just cut out rings of wood that fit the speaker. The speaker is 6.5, i am going to guess around there
  15. rye

    rye Well-Known Member Donated!

    Thats my way out of giving people rides.....sorry, I only have one seat! :D
  16. sprey16

    sprey16 Well-Known Member

    hey , you know behind the speaker did you leave it with a hole so the air from the speaker goes into the door, or so it enclosed
  17. Jimbo246

    Jimbo246 Guest

    its enclosed and made airtight by peel and seal.
  18. steveisback

    steveisback Guest

    -7 inch touch screen headset
    -2 amps (monoblock 1500watts rms) (4 channel 60watts rms each channel)
    -rockford fosgate 6 1/2 inch splits in doors, 6x9s rear.
    - 15 inch option audio 1500 watts rms sub
    custom box to fit hatch with room left, sub pushes against back of back seats





  19. t100celicadrvr

    t100celicadrvr Well-Known Member Donated!

    work it your install is amazing.....im working on a low buck system for mine as we speak just a ten in a sealed fiberglass enclosure that sits in the r/r quarter panell where the jack used to then some carpeted masonite panels to doll it up with out the weight.....havent played with a trick install since high school....its a blast cant believe i strayed away for so long...

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