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Restore a faded paint job.

Discussion in 'Exterior' started by JoeJack88, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. JoeJack88

    JoeJack88 Well-Known Member Super Moderator Donated!

    Originally posted by blck87gtconv from 4gcelica.net

    Lots of people have needed to know the process for a basic paint restoration... well..
    Here it is...and read it entirely before going for it. Have fun.

    1) Wash(from the top down, rinse the same way)

    2) Dry (from the top down, The Absorber is an excellent product)

    3) Clay Bar(Mother's, Meguiar's, Clay Magic.. follow the instructions.. spray the lube on a 2'x2' section, rub the clay bar in an even back and forth motion until the area is free of contaminants, and feels as smooth as glass to the touch.)

    4) Paint cleaner (Meguiar's step 1, Meguiar's professional paint cleaner, Mother's paint cleaner, 3M Paint cleaner.. all are good.. on and off just like wax. This is what will remove the oxidized paint, and any blemishes. It may take a couple of passes over the whole car with it before all of the paint shines entirely.)

    5)Paint Polish (Meguiar's step 2, Meguiar's professional paint polish, Mother's paint polish, etc... no turtle wax "polish", no "nu finish".. only use reputable brands with all of these paint products.. you'll be happy with the results if you do.. it also helps to match them up. For instance, if you use meguiar's step 1, then you should probably use step 2 and step 3 as well.. they are generally made to compliment each other.)

    6)Pure Carnauba Wax (Meguiar's step 3, Meguiar's Gold Class, Mother's PURE carnauba wax, 3M Carnauba wax, any high-tech yellow wax, any synthetic wax of your choice.. just make sure it is NOT a cleaner wax, or it will clean out all of the polish you just applied. The more coats, the deeper the shine, and the better the protection is can provide.)

    Tips: Do not rinse the car off after using the clay bar. Whatever film the lube left on the paint will be removed with the use of the paint cleaner.

    Do not use dish soap. Use a good car wash solution. Gold Class shampoo is good, I like Meguiar's Soft Wash (but I think they stopped making it), just make sure you stay away from wash n wax combination products.. no blue coral.. use good stuff.

    If the sponge, or any other product which will be making physical contact with the paint touches the ground, throw it out. It may help to break the clay bar into two pieces when you get it, so if one piece falls, you still have a clean one ready to go. Same goes for the sponge, and whatever you use to dry the car.

    Use foam applicators to apply the paint cleaner, polish, and wax, and use microfiber cloths (if you have them) to remove the products from the paint.. an alternative which can be used is a package of terry cloth towels. The "drop on the ground rule" applies to these as well, although, these can be washed and reused in later detailing sessions.

    It helps to wax the wheels. Brake dust will have less of a tendancy to stick, and the wheel will be protected from the elements.

    If you want to clean the tires, you can use Westely's Bleche White, or their spray cleaner/shine all in one. (I use this one, and follow it up with a good tire shine.. don't use armorall or anything like that on the tires, as it will just make them slip in wet environments.) Let the tireshine sit for a good hour or 5 before driving the car to make sure it doesn't sling onto your freshly detailed paint.

    For the convertible top, I have actually found that using the tire cleaner/shine on it works wonders in keeping it looking black (of course, if you have a cloth top, you don't want to do that.) It can be washed with the rest of the car. When it is dry, I use a convertible top cleaner/conditioner. To keep the back window clear, I use a plastic polish (mother's makes one, blue coral makes one, meguiar's makes one.. etc..).
  2. rye

    rye Well-Known Member Donated!

    There are other methods to this that may be quicker for you than a clay bar, but produce the same, or better results!

    I've used this stuff numerous times in the automotive industry, on brand new cars, over and over, where the paint has been scuffed, or wet sanded!

    It's called, Maguire's Diamond Cut. It's a liquid compound and when applied with a buffer, will seriously produce glass-like paint.

    That's if you're lookin for an easier way!

    Be sure to put a nice coat of wax on after too!
  3. thrill

    thrill Guest

    man i have some heavy oxidation marks on the hood and roof of my celi, imma have to try this stuff, im sure its not cheap but if it bring the shiny paintjob back ill mess with it
  4. rye

    rye Well-Known Member Donated!

    yeah any rubbing compound will work, there a lots of different brands....

    the maguires MIGHT leave swirl marks though because it cuts the paint fairly deep...maybe try finding something a little smoother, or a two - step process....
  5. nickst162

    nickst162 Active Member

    Best product

    My dad has a detailing business and thats why my paint job is being hand done hes helping me. but i found that the best product for medium cutting to light cutting is Autoglym. As you know when you spray metallic paint on to primer it has to be sanded lightly back to revealy a slight shine then you use a light or medium cut compound depending on how much more crap you have to clean off. But i found Autoglym ultra fine rejuvinator for ight, Fine abrasive for medium and then super resin polish for finish works best planing on getting some more pics of my job up
  6. kevinkyang

    kevinkyang Well-Known Member Donated!

    how much is all of this stuff? my car rreeeeaaaaallllllllly needs this. seriously
  7. WRS

    WRS Member

    You could check on autozone.com, or just go down to your local autoparts store. I think you could even find it at Wal-Mart.
  8. kevinkyang

    kevinkyang Well-Known Member Donated!

    oh really? dang, ok. well, when summer starts and i have enough moola saved up for the restoration. i think it might be a bit much considering how bad the paint is on the car.

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