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Project S'mores

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zk0729, May 5, 2016.

  1. zk0729

    zk0729 Well-Known Member

    Well, sooner or later lil ol Marshmallow is going to be getting a few upgrades. Here's where I'll post the build updates, changes,writeups, and notes that pertain to the actual build. Some parts I already have, some I do not. Here is a general list of what I currently have in mind:

    Already have:
    1993 3S-GTE (JDM)
    5x114.3 knuckles & hubs
    Fortran Drag Valkyries (17x8 +35)
    1987 Celica GT-S
    E150F with LSD for conversion to FWD
    GReddy Turbo Timer

    Things I'm hankerin for:
    Megan coilovers (to set up the hubs/knucles) (sourced)
    BC RM series coilovers (for the advanced setup)
    ST185 Calipers (sourced)
    Holset HX35 turbo
    1998 5S-FE block (sourced)
    forged rotating assembly (to keep it short)
    lightweight flywheel
    Haltec or AEM ECU (yet to decide)

    And other odds and ends (bushings, arms, etc.) that I don't have the time to list. Either or, they'll be listed as I go.

    Currently I'm tearing down the GTE and selling off the bottom end parts to fund my 5S (and various repairs). I'll post some pictures later tonight.

    End game, I'm hoping for 330whp with the LSD transmission, and I plan to grow from there.

    I'll keep the thread updated with more info as I have it.
  2. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    unless that has the stupid rare kaaz setup, no awd e series has lsd in the front diff
  3. zk0729

    zk0729 Well-Known Member

    Not yet. (Working on it)

    (To be more specific I have an E150F, and I have a VLSD. I'll be doing what I can to make them one, by replacing the center diff with the LSD)

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  4. zk0729

    zk0729 Well-Known Member

    Well, update, while I've been busy dealing with other issues with the car, it seems I might be parting out the rest of the GTE in favor of a more... Unique setup, shall we say. I'll keep the thread updated as more info comes up.
  5. zk0729

    zk0729 Well-Known Member

    Project Update: Project Dorito's

    Well, this is it. Time for the big reveal of it, in as small of a way as possible. As of about two weeks ago, I will be going ahead with my previous plans of swapping in a 13B Renesis from a RX-8. I plan to attempt to mate it to a S54 transmission or possibly a six speed from a Scion tC. It will be, at least for any beginning purposes staying naturally aspirated, FWD, and I am doing everything in my power to create a cradle that mounts to the stock mounting locations. It isn't an easy decision to go from a bolt in solution to something rather outlandish, and it won't be an inexpensive or easy task to take on. However I hope that my efforts can prove useful to someone else who wishes to do the same. I'll keep this thread updated with any progress as it comes.
  6. zk0729

    zk0729 Well-Known Member

    Kinda half-assed update:

    13B sourced, picking up sometime next month. Crossmembers are arriving as well as the s54 I hope to mount it to.
    I've been working on basically a subframe that would bolt to stock mounting locations but allow the Renesis to be mounted as it's meant to. Keep you guys posted once it gets here.
  7. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    :facepalm: why!!!
  8. zk0729

    zk0729 Well-Known Member


    In my eyes its buildable, light, small, low, has solid aftermarket support, is still available readily from Mazda, its certainly an improvement over the 3S-GE I have (as much as I enjoy it anyway) and if nothing else its something no one else has even tried. Who knows, I may enjoy it?

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  9. UtahSleeper

    UtahSleeper Active Member

    How well can it mate to a toyota fwd trans? I always thought those motors were wider, but I have never actually done the research.
  10. zk0729

    zk0729 Well-Known Member

    Not even remotely close to the bellhousing. However we'll see what we can do with an adapter, which also has to rotate the engine forward since the stock engine leans back. Once the 13B gets here I'll take some pictures.

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  11. zk0729

    zk0729 Well-Known Member

    If I have to give up on the idea of using a Toyota trans, I might. This has been repeatedly done in MR2s with the 13B-REW using a Honda transmission but I'm trying to avoid needing that by using the MSP, which should allow me to clear the CV (exhaust mani issue)

    Plus rotating it forward gives me a little more clearence. OR maybe not. Maybe the backwards angle will work better. I'll find out soon and report back.

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  12. zk0729

    zk0729 Well-Known Member

    So, update time.

    How the times have changed. (Shut it, I'm still working on that 13B swap, just not yet.)

    Current stuff:

    Rev 1 3S-GE head
    Rev 2 3S-GTE block and rotating assembly, may swap to 11.5:1 pistons.
    S54 LSD 1.5 way, out of some built Japanese import MR2. Got it as a gift.
    Megan coilovers (for ST184)
    5th gen front knuckles and control arms, and I'm on the hunt for poly bushings.
    5x114.3 hubs
    Porsche 986 Boxter Turbo Brembo 4-pot calipers (formerly Wilwood 4-pot)
    Polyurethane motor mounts
    Will update thread as more info becomes available. I've been strapped for cash lately, but a lot has happened since my last post and now.

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