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No Spark 1988 Celica AllTrac

Discussion in 'Diagnosis/Help' started by shifrerm, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. shifrerm

    shifrerm Member

    Hey everyone, I've had my car towed over to a shop to have the timing done. (I don't have the tools or the proper equipment for that kinda job). I also had my engine compression checked and its got 140 across the board (thank god). But heres the problem, I'm not getting any spark, the mechanic thinks it might be a bad ICM (ignition control module). (I guess he tested the coil and distributor??) I went to the scrap yard yesterday and picked out a ignitor from a 88 Camry, it had the same connector but a different part number, my question is will this still work with my car or does it have to be the exact same part number in order for it to work correctly?

    Also this is the part number for the original ignitor in my car:
    89621 20030, the car also has a ST185 swap in it.
  2. capotaingowa

    capotaingowa Well-Known Member

    Well I guess your already paying this mechanic to work on the car..
    What incident caused you to no longer get spark?
    Either way a ECU is expensive...

    Did someone drop the distributor?
    This is where the ECU receives its signal to command the ignitor to spark.
    You could potentially have a bad ECU though....
    I have not seen any with regards to ST165s.
    However, I have seen many lazy mechanics quickly say you need a new ECU/ECM/ICM.. etc. when they cannot identify an ignition fault.

    See Page 12.. Now ya gonna learn..

    Here are all the Books if ya really want to get smart.

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