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I hate my muffler

Discussion in 'All Motor Power' started by 86GTMonkey, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. 86GTMonkey

    86GTMonkey Well-Known Member

    When I bought my Celica, the stock muffler had a leak, so the guy replaced it for me, free of charge, along with all 4 wheels. Which was very kind, but the muffler he put on is not a Celica muffler, and so it is far too large and restrictive (oxymoron, I know, but it's true). I can't even tell when my car is turned on, it's so quiet. Does anybody know of a good OEM replacement, or a good aftermarket muffler that doesn't look too fart-can-ish? :)

    Also the muffler is extremely ugly:
  2. schmooot

    schmooot Well-Known Member

    I had a dynomax turbo muffler on mine for a while...with a nice little tip. Nothing flashy. It wasn't too loud but noticeable. Then I opted to go back to stock and got it pulled off. I really like a quiet car cuz now I can really hear my intake suck the air up.....and when the tvis kicks in it sounds even better
  3. 86GTMonkey

    86GTMonkey Well-Known Member

    Will the dual-tip GT-S muffler bolt right on to the GT? I don't want something loud, just don't want a muffler that saps power from my already weak engine.
  4. rye

    rye Well-Known Member Donated!

    Just go buy a tip for that....but don't get a huge one...it'll make a difference....
  5. underscore

    underscore Well-Known Member

    straight pipe!
  6. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    actually you'd be amazed how big the OEM mufflers are. freaking nuts. and your's looks like a GT muffler.
  7. Letze

    Letze Well-Known Member


    I have one and I hate it :(even if I had a stereo I wouldn't know if it worked... exhaust is too damned loud)
  8. 86GTMonkey

    86GTMonkey Well-Known Member

    Yeah I don't want straight pipe. I'd just like to be able to hear my engine at idle, and maybe give a bit of a rumble. Right now it's silent as hell, and that irritates me.
  9. Youds

    Youds Well-Known Member

    id kill for a quiet exhaust ;p
  10. 86GTMonkey

    86GTMonkey Well-Known Member

    Want my muffler? Only been on the car for a couple hundred miles. :lol:
  11. JoeJack88

    JoeJack88 Well-Known Member Super Moderator Donated!

    yes....thats what I did to my st...straight pipe to a oem muffler...sounds sweet to me...not to loud at all and perfect db when crusing.
  12. Youds

    Youds Well-Known Member

    ill take it if u dont want it haha u can have my magnaflow and show off in rice land
  13. 86GTMonkey

    86GTMonkey Well-Known Member

    lol, I'm going to see about finding a GT-S muffler first. I won't be here for a while, so hopefully next time I am here I will not be using the current muffler.
  14. underscore

    underscore Well-Known Member

    I'll take the magnaflow ;)
  15. Youds

    Youds Well-Known Member

    i should go for the old lifetime warantee dealy at lordco. maybe i just burnt it out haha
  16. Sterling

    Sterling Guest

    HAHAHAHAH when i read ur first post up the top explaining about ur muffler
    the page stopped just before i could see it, then i read "also the mufflers really ugly" then i scrolled down and saw it omg LMFAO LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    sorry but that had 2 be the funniest thing ive seen on this site lol
  17. maxis162

    maxis162 Guest

    im so sorry.

    Have a look at my ride maxis162 in the gallery, dunno if ya get the brand there, it was fairly cheap. MONZA or AUTOTECHNIA. Sounds cool got a nice burrrrbbbbllle to it, and you should hear it sitting on 170km/h 5500rpm. MAJIC!
  18. RS_pt

    RS_pt Member

    A while ago I'd kill for a decent silent muffler. A had a walker muffler, sounded really nice and was a bit lound. Thing is, it rot away pretty quickly, got even louder and full of rattles, and I got fed of regular mufflers. I decided to copy the muffler into stainless steel and tweaked the interior a bit so it got a bit more silent and it was the best thing I could do.
    I'd stick for that one if it isnt showing signs of decay yet. Just buy some tip for that.
  19. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    this thread is 5 years old? but good tip
  20. RS_pt

    RS_pt Member

    omg, the shame!
    really sorry :ugh

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