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Help with wiring 6x9s

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by maculous, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. maculous

    maculous Guest

    bought some "awesome" ones the other day off of ebay and found out thur at the post office right now but its in dads name so i'll wait for him to pick it up but figured.. maybe i should figure out how to actually get these things wired and working! These are the wires i can see that will allow me 2 connect it 2 the hatch shelf thing (technical :oops: )

    I presume the previous owner already had some connected due to the additional cables n the fact thur r some cut outs already in the shelf.. so was jus wondering if anyone (i know a lot of u could) on here could help me out with what I need to do and where the wires r meant to sit and everything.. pictures would help my dumb a$$ also :(

    Whilst im here... anybody know wats up wit the "alarm" on my keys? when i press it a red light goes on.. but it seems to have no connection with the car at all :? weird.. anyway please help me with my issues(especially speakers!) thanks!

    I dont know whats wrong with my digital camera but its taking some really crappy pictures as of late
  2. Youds

    Youds Well-Known Member

    well for the 6x9s they need one positive one negative.... so take off that connector and run the positive to positive on the speaker and such.

    you should have a different connector on each side extend them with more wire if needed

    as for the alarm check under the dash and see if u see a black box thing or take a pic
  3. schmooot

    schmooot Well-Known Member

    if there is an alarm box it will be difficult to spot if you don't know what they look like. I would look for an led mounted somewhere visible from the driver and/or a small pushbutton or switch accessible from the drivers seat. It is possible that there was an alarm in there and it has been disabled or it just isn't functional....or it could be a keyfob for a different vehicle.

    And your speakers are only two wires....pretty hard to screw up. And that connector will probably have to go cuz it won't plug and play....you will need crimp on female spade terminals....or a soldering iron. Drop the speaker into your already made hole (ugly but functional I guess) and try to get a couple screws in to hold them down. By the looks of the hole I don't think you can make it fit real nice or pretty but that might be a good thing with car theft nowadays
  4. rye

    rye Well-Known Member Donated!

    sometimes, stuffing an old or towel blanket down under the speakers will help them sit without rattling, and give them a little more bass!

    just hope it doesnt get wet.... I guess you could put the blanket in a garbage bag first.....hmmmmm
  5. maculous

    maculous Guest

    im not 100% sure what your talkin bout with a towel underneath.. thur gonna be floating in the air coz thur connected to this

  6. maculous

    maculous Guest

    reinforcing the shelf so it wont collapse at all.. was a bit flimsy and had a few cracks so didnt want to risk it

    final product! took awhile due to the reinforcing and cutting the wholes right for the speakers but really happy in the end! sounds great!

    how they look from underneath
    I can adjust the amount of wire i've got it hidden under the rear speaker covers. Really was simple wiring I dont think i needed help but thanks for it guys especially Youds!

    Also I have no idea if this it watchu were talkin bout but thur is a lil LED.. it showed no response from when i was hittin the button on my keys though..

    Also I bought some engine degreaser whilst out and plan on doing that later tonight so alman turns out i'll b the AUS dumby for that :p
  7. Youds

    Youds Well-Known Member

    no prob, and if u wanna check to see if u wired them properly and in phase to eachother turn it up a bit and balace to the left or right and bring it back to center and see if the bass gets louder or quieter, even though they wont pound too hard anyway but in phase would be nice.

    you may have had an alarm in that they took out or it could not be wired to power or ground or a blown fuse :) looks good thought i like how u reinforced it good job
  8. schmooot

    schmooot Well-Known Member

    nice and clean in the tray...we thought you were going to put them in the stock location at first hence why we talked about cutting and baffling with a towel. Now that I see they are going into the tray then forget all that.

    And ya it probably had an alarm. The box is either been taken out or it is just broken...hard to tell without tracking it down and running some basic electrical tests
  9. maculous

    maculous Guest

    Mmm so sounds like i might really have to go book it into an auto elec to check and do my o2 sensor n whilst his at get him 2 check whats up with the alarm... I'm really happy with how the car sounds now and I'll be happy for a lil while now.. until i realise i want an amp n sub :lol:
  10. underscore

    underscore Well-Known Member

    for your alarm which red light goes on? from what you've said I gather it's the one on the keys. if it's just the keys then like they said, either removed or not working. if a little light blinks inside it could be one of those fake alarms.
  11. rye

    rye Well-Known Member Donated!

    what he said
  12. maculous

    maculous Guest

    Mmm the 1 on the keys is flashin but no response from the LED.. I took apart the bottom of my dash just for fun and have a look and I dont know enough bout electronics to really know anything other then nuttin was dis connected :oops: Also my dad pointed out a fairly obvious point that he couldnt see a siren or anything so i guess its just a fake thats not even working :lol: pitty though.. would of liked to have an alarm :(
  13. Youds

    Youds Well-Known Member

    sirens can be well hidden, take pics above your pedal area :D
  14. rye

    rye Well-Known Member Donated!

    alarms are $30

    go buy one :p

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