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gen 1 3sge USDM w/jdm parts . 150,000 km , calgary alberta

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by Coupes only, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Coupes only

    Coupes only Well-Known Member

    i have a 3sge for sale

    1st gen usdm motor (non yamaha)
    145-150,000 kms .
    reason i pulled from 86 coupe gt-s is because
    i have a gen 2 going in from 91 gt-r rag top

    i used to have a jdm motor in my old 89 with yamaha head
    didnt have time to pull head but i did get the Intake and exhaust
    manifold so yes the egr has been deleted and blocking plate on
    usdm intake manifold, couldnt get gasket for exhaust mani
    so usdm still bolted on with bolt hammered in egr tube w/silicone
    so motor comes with jdm exhaust mani and a spare throttle body

    never did compression test but positive its got good compresion on all 4

    im looking for someone to pick it up im not sending it .
    price is $300 firm and do have transmissions 2 s53's
    from st162s 1: 230,000 , worn 2nd syncro
    2nd : was told it has 80,000 kms and judging by condition
    leads me to beleive it does have 80,000 . has silly paint on it
    clean enough to get repainted.

    allso i have full blue interior FS , headlights w/retracting motors,
    mirrors , drivers side 86 tail light small crack but good
    cat back 2 1/2 " exhaust w/ clogged cat and religous holey magnaflow
    fart can , purple lowering springs unknown maker atleast
    10 years old so rusty and fronts sagged due to driving on bad struts,
    belt drive accesories im keeping for spares .ignitor , coil , strut brace

    i allso have downpipe (off manifold ) with torn flex pipe
    no 02 sensor (going to scrap) so whoever wants its free

    again motor is $300 firm getting pics later tonight
    everything else is best offee but no bullshit offers for transmissions

    calgary alberta canada , ready for pick up and if i have to
    i will send egr blocking plate for high price , but thats it

    thankyou will have pictures tonight and can give contact
    information to person of intrest
  2. TOY86GTS

    TOY86GTS Member






  3. Coupes only

    Coupes only Well-Known Member

    forgot to say engine doesnt include the mount .
    and doesnt include power steering and alternator brackets

    gen 2 never came with harness, belt drive accesories and brackets

    had to splice a gen 1 harness and ecu to work with gen 2
    everything should work just not iacv

    pictures show alternator bolted up but not for long .
    allso it is dark and camera is actually a phone so quality
    not so good . block is clean and dirty :)
    only leak is from back valve cover , tiny leak
  4. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    glws, but all 3s-ge's are yamaha heads
  5. Coupes only

    Coupes only Well-Known Member

    as far as i know the usdm 1st gen ge
    is not stamped yamaha

    and i seen many differences . same valve angle i hear but
    not yamaha tested and tuned with agressive ecu
    and slightly different injectors and ofcourse lack of egr

    or yamaha didnt care much for the 125 hp head
    and it would be embarassing to stamp there name on it. lol
  6. celicaman

    celicaman Well-Known Member Donated!

    how much for just the long-block?
  7. Coupes only

    Coupes only Well-Known Member

    selling as whole there is a guy selling 3sge in parts on kijiji
    for $50 though , ugly painted blue and neon green ewww looks like i somehow got his tranny, he has everything for $50 but must tAke all he sais

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