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Experiment DIY: Getting that HID cut off. (LHD)

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by eNtraxGT88, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. lone wolf

    lone wolf Well-Known Member Donated!

    do you have a pic of it w highbeam on? So low plus high beam is in the same little housing??
  2. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    i haven't wired up the highbeams yet.
    a bi-xenon is actually the wrong name for it's function. it is actually ONE light source, but you alter the projection to get high beam. the lowbeam cutoff shield moves down via a solenoid in the projector to allow the beam to function. this is true for all projector bi-xenons, oem or aftermarket.

    here's the exact projector that I used:

    this is an alltrac with the same mod, using FX-R projectors (Infiniti Projectors that with different clear glass portion sold by TRS as well)
    his low beam is exactly like mine right now
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2012
  3. jwagner162

    jwagner162 Well-Known Member Donated!

    wow, im really impressed marc. nice work.
  4. Seank90

    Seank90 Well-Known Member Donated!

    +1 to that
  5. 187flatliner

    187flatliner Seat Breaker Donated!

    so now you can send me those and make yourself some new ones.
  6. lone wolf

    lone wolf Well-Known Member Donated!

    too bad our oven is too small :(.
  7. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    heat gun also works, less than $20!

    nate, IF you really want to, and you want a plug and play solution with my harness specific for 4th gen's...I could do it again...but i doubt it'll be less than $250, including bulbs, but without ballasts. the time it takes to do this is quite a bit. at least 6 hours + travel time to go to a shop where I cut the lenses to shape.

    however, at this point, it's still not 100% complete. I'm dealing with some condensation issues. the reason behind this is not because of the resealing. the seal is 100%. the problem lies with the environment inside. halogens and aftermarket HIDs use the entire housing to direct its lights, as a result the heat generated is spread out across the glass, defogging the glass. with projectors in, the heat is directed into a concentrated beam in the middle, so the outside edges are cool and they start to condense. I'll need to experiment with adding vents, as OEM projector housings all come with at least TWO vent holes.

    here's some more low beam shots. I've been able to figure out the high beam portion of the projector without any cutting, or any extra buttons/switches, but I won't have the car out for test shots until I get the condensation out.

  8. lone wolf

    lone wolf Well-Known Member Donated!

  9. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    that is totally beyond my skills, but totally possible. i bet dave (st165) could make a housing out of fibreglass and use projectors.

    as for the height, they haven't been adjusted yet. they will be adjusted according to DOT specs: cutoff height @ 25feet should be 2.1-2.5 inches lower than cutoff height @ 0 feet.
  10. Seank90

    Seank90 Well-Known Member Donated!

    really good... like this thread
  11. Spiderman

    Spiderman Well-Known Member

    I agree Sean, bi-xenon head lights are impressive technology, retrofitting for our old clunkers :shock :lol is certainly going to be a challenge.

    I live next door to car yards that sell new/used Ford, Holden, Subaru, Toyota, Hyundai and Great Wall :shock , and regularly checking out the latest stuff.

    Speaking of which, since the Yota parts shop is a stones throw away I'm now in the process of trying to organise a brand new front splitter/valance for one of our ST162 members to be shipped to the U.S.
    I asked Yota if they could ship it direct to him but nooooooooo, PRICKS :aargh . He was shaking his head even before I finished asking my question :aargh

    Annnnnd, check this, the center piece has to come from Japan, I mean, WTF, send it straight to him and be done with it but noooooooo........ rant over :mrgreen
  12. lone wolf

    lone wolf Well-Known Member Donated!

    @Spiderman: Using standard Bi-Xenon H4 bulbs in your own lights or aftermarket clear headlights is easy enough. Doing it with these projector beams is the real challenge ! And It looks great.

    Anybody from the UK who has contacts with this rogue company?
  13. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    Which company lone wolf? Spiderman, I wonder if whoever needed it could just go to their closest yota store?
  14. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    it's been a while, but here you go:

    it might not seem like it from these pictures, but i'm about 25ft away from the wall, but the wideness of both low and high beam is about 6 lanes across. so that highbeam, will pretty much cover 300m in front of you, and about 6 lanes across + the sidewalks. and i haven't even upgraded to proper ballasts (still using ebay crapper ballasts)
    Last edited: May 2, 2012
  15. lone wolf

    lone wolf Well-Known Member Donated!

    Looks real good !
  16. jwagner162

    jwagner162 Well-Known Member Donated!

    again, thats farking amazing!!!!

    -now i just wanna see the low-rise version:mrgreen
  17. kevinkyang

    kevinkyang Well-Known Member Donated!

    to help with the temperature inside, you can add a vent. i see this on a lot of cars. its that little rubber piece that faces down. at least thats what i think that is for.
    HERE it is! the yellow arrow
    i think that will solve the issue. and $250 for a set, is about the average price for aftermarket lights anyways. i would pay you for your troubles. the only thing is, i don't like that its clear like that. i like the oem look. that way, i can hide the mod =]
    but great job!!!
  18. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    what you could do is modify the housing so you could mount the projector farther back so you can use the oem looking cover

    what i want to end up with is:
  19. kevinkyang

    kevinkyang Well-Known Member Donated!

    there is a video on youtube showing how to make your own projector headlights.
    its a four part video. go through them if you havent. very cool and interesting how he goes about it. then again, he has everything needed to make it work right.

    i also have the autopal set. the one that came in the bright orange box..... well that one. anyways, wouldnt the pattern of the glass distort the projector beam?
  20. eNtraxGT88

    eNtraxGT88 Well-Known Member Donated!

    i've watched it, i don't like how he used DAP for everything though. yes the pattern of the glass definitely distorts the beam, so the housing above that i put on there has the shape of the oem housing, but it's clear instead of having a pattern

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