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Door lock issue!!

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by shifrerm, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. shifrerm

    shifrerm Member

    So I have this issue with my door locks. When both doors are locked, I can open both doors using the key on the drivers side key cylinder. However when both doors are unlocked, I can only lock the drivers side door as nothing happens with the passanger side door lock. When I use the key on the passanger side it only locks and unlocks that door, nothing happens on the drivers side.

    So long story short, both doors unlock ok, both doors don't lock together.

    I've replaced the door control computer, as well as the door lock actuator on the passanger side, and it still does the same thing?

    Any suggestions? Its weird because it will unlock perfectly fine but when you go to lock it nothing happens

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