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cams and shims for 4th gen turbos

Discussion in 'Engine and Drivetrain' started by Mafix, Mar 9, 2007.

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    from allblackalltrac
    Thought I'd update this thread just for those who might be searching.

    Continued from this thread:

    http://www.alltrac.net/phpBB2/viewtopic ... highlight=

    Cam specs:

    1G 3SGTE
    232* 8.2mm

    1G 3SGE
    240* 8.5mm

    264* 9.5mm

    The factory cams specs for the 1G 3S enignes listed above are not confirmed so if someone can confirm the actual numbers please do so.
    The ATS cam specs were taken directly from their website.

    Important to note and this is only speculation, but high lift cams in a gen1 might be derimental.
    Tensile load of 1G 3S springs might be to soft for high lift cams, causing valve float.
    High lift and long duration cams need adjustable cam gears to dial in the valve timing properly.
    High lift cams might cause a shim to be dislodged from the bucket at high engine RPM's.

    Toda makes stiffer springs for 1G 3S heads.
    ATS, AEM, OBX, Fidanza, Toda and HKS all offer adjustable cam gears.
    1SZ-FE shimless bucket for 1G 3S heads:

    Part Number Lift
    13751-23030 5.12
    13751-23040 5.14
    13751-23050 5.16
    13751-23060 5.18
    13751-23070 5.20
    13751-23080 5.22
    13751-23090 5.24
    13751-23100 5.26
    13751-23110 5.28
    13751-23120 5.30
    13751-23130 5.32
    13751-23140 5.34
    13751-23150 5.36
    13751-23160 5.38
    13751-23170 5.40
    13751-23180 5.42
    13751-23190 5.44
    13751-23200 5.46
    13751-23210 5.48
    13751-23220 5.50
    13751-23230 5.52
    13751-23240 5.54
    13751-23250 5.56
    13751-23260 5.58
    13751-23270 5.60
    13751-23280 5.62
    13751-23290 5.64
    13751-23300 5.66
    13751-23310 5.68

    Note: Shim and bucket is one piece.
    This motor is found in the Canadian Hatchback Echo.

    Interesting to note is that the fabled 1G 3SGE camshafts appear to share the same duration as the 3G 3SGTE intake cam.
    Because I know some will ask of it - no you can not put 1G 3SGE cams in a 2G 3S head - different cam journal diameter.

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