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A/C removed, fans always on

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by RbF_Mack, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. RbF_Mack

    RbF_Mack Member

    I have an 86' GTS (3SGE) that A/C system didn't work. So it was deleted/removed.

    I noticed when the key position is set to On/running both fans are on permanently. I'm sure someone has to of seen this issue before. Does one of the [3x] wire plugs need to be jumpered or ground out? If so the one by the firewall, or at the A/C compressor?

    The good news is both my fans work, so yay.
  2. capotaingowa

    capotaingowa Well-Known Member

    I believe I have a solution for you..
    According to the electrical manual Sections 33-1 and 33-2.

    The A/C High Pressure Switch wire triggers the relays for both AC fan Relay #2 and Radiator Fan Relay #1 on the 3SGTE and appears to be the same trigger wire for the 3SGE.
    That wire is Light Green with a Black Stripe..
    The other wire is a Blue with a Black Stripe off the A/C high pressure switch that continues to your Radiator Fan Water temp. switch.
    You will only want the radiator FAN temp switch to signal the relays (since you removed your A/C) so you should bypass the AC high pressure switch by cutting wires from the AC high pressure and joining them together..
    (or you could "Jumper" the wire through the plug by means of inserting a wire into the A/C high Pressure Switch plug thus connecting the two wires)
    This way only the Radiator Temp switch will trigger the fan relays.
  3. RbF_Mack

    RbF_Mack Member

    Thank you capotaingowa think that is what I'm looking for, the car was pushed off to the side, for my winter beater pickup. Once I saw all the snow falling in NY. luckily haven't had any here yet.

    I was gonna leave the fans on for engine cooling in the summer, however was talked out by friends stating it would draw to many amps if on permanently. Might do a switch to the jumper, I just don't want to have the extra cooling fan and have it no be used.

    I will follow up with tread closure shortly when I get a chance to look at the wires.
  4. vic dat

    vic dat Well-Known Member

    Fan staying on

    Sorry about chiming in on such an old topic but lately my GTS ('87 3sge)!has had the following issue: the main (Rt) fan comes when I turn on the key before I start the engine. The other fan (Left) does come on at all. I checked and the fan runs fine if wired directly. Also I checked by disconnecting the single wire fan switch but only the main one is coming on...what's the simple solution?
  5. capotaingowa

    capotaingowa Well-Known Member

    The Left Side fan is for the A/C. It sounds like someone rewired your your radiator fan to always run when there is ignition power.
  6. RbF_Mack

    RbF_Mack Member

    If I remember correctly the driver side fan is off the coolant temp relay, and passenger side fan off the A/C. if the passenger fan kicks(or both) on during key turn. it means the A/C 2-wire plugged isn't connected correctly to the A/C compressor, or if your not using A/C to just cut the plug and twist the [2x] A/C wires together.

    That being said please don't listen to my advice, I think boredmder or if the same person as project cms guy has more knowledge on these vehicles. someone has my celica but I haven't seen it since.2014.

    Or listen to capotaingowa he sounds like he knows what hes talking about, depending on your geo-location having the fan on all the time isn't an issue.

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