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WTB: 1989 Celica GT Convertible top boot - snap in cover

Discussion in 'Parts Wanted' started by automark, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. automark

    automark Guest

    Hi, New to Gen 4 Celica, not new to automotive,
    First, Thanks for the site, it's great to have the focus on "my car".

    Convertible top boot - black for 1989 convertible ( ASC type ). This is the snapped on cover to conceal the top bows while the top is down. I have the storage bag for it, but not the "boot" itself. Might be a little like searching for rocking horse poo, but I hope one of you can help. :)

    EM in profile, please LMK.
    Thanks and regards,
  2. rickstar22

    rickstar22 Well-Known Member Donated!

    PM Sent...
  3. Greg

    Greg New Member

    I understand this is an old post but my aunt just bought a 89 gt convertible and was wondering where to find a boot for her convertible. Also, a power switch for the rear windows since the rear driver window will not roll up or down.
  4. Bostonjoe

    Bostonjoe New Member

    The boots occasionally come up on eBay, but vary greatly in cost (I've seen them selling for as low as $50 and high as $300). The rear window power switches also show up. I may have a spare, let me know if you still need it. Row52.com is another option for getting that switch, or other easy to remove parts.

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