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st162/5 and 3sge parts (Added more parts) throw me an offer.

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by st162rocket, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. st162rocket

    st162rocket Well-Known Member

    After looking through my stuff and rummaging through my past sales, I looks like the part was sold awhile ago. sorry.

    I do not have the GE AFM, but I still have the struts for the front and rear. Plus the fronts have koni adjustables inserts.
  2. New Guy

    New Guy Member

    I ended up breaking down and going through eBay for an AFM. What would you like for the struts shipped to 86322?

    I can send a shipping label if that's easier for you but I would need an approximate package size (overall dimensions is best) and weight.
  3. New Guy

    New Guy Member

    Tried to post a reply and it never went through. I understand that my first five posts need to be moderated but 24+ hours later and no response is sorta... Eh.

    I found an AFM. What would you like for the struts?
  4. st162rocket

    st162rocket Well-Known Member

    I thought I responded to your PM on the price. I guess it didn't go through even though my inbox said replied. Sorry for that. I believe I asked for 250 shipped for all 4. Let me know if you still want them.
  5. New Guy

    New Guy Member

    lol! You did and I got the reply. I've just been trying to find some spare time. I actually got your reply to the PM before my post in this thread appeared - for me at least. Not sure what's happening.

    I'm still very interested and would be hugely appreciative if you could hold on to them. The squealing noise I thought I was hearing through the exhaust ended up being a dry bearing and the bottom end is cooked, and it'll be a bit before I can afford a new engine which is my priority at the moment.

    But I'm definitely looking at buying these struts. Just need to get it running so I can confirm the general bounciness of what's in there now.
  6. humble2

    humble2 Well-Known Member Donated!

    Do you still have shifter and turning switch???


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