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HKS 2.2 Stroker in Celica

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by G-Zone, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. G-Zone

    G-Zone Guest

    Hey guys guess what I found...


    Apparently the Pistons already come ceramic coated and nickle plated. The rods are WPC treated for strength and better oil spread. I'm not sure if the Crank has any special treatment or not.

    I never planned on buying a HKS 2.2 Stroker mainly because they're pretty damn expensive and rare, but I stumbled on a brand new kit for a good deal so I couldn't pass it up.
    I have ready a built 2nd gen head with HKS 264 cams, oversize valves, Ferrea Springs, shimless buckets, Port&Polish, Chris K Cam Gears, and ceramic coated ported exhaust manifold.

    I just bought a 2nd gen 3SGTE block to prepare it. I still need to gather more funds for the project since there is still a lot I want to do. My friend that works at Norwood Ferrari performance in Dallas will be helping me put this build together, but only after I help him finish with 2 Porsche projects at his house so that will be fun :D .

    I'm excited about it but not sure when I can get all this done. I also don't really have any horsepower goals, I'm just putting it together as the time goes since this is not my daily driver. I also plan to put a front mount IC and install a standalone ECU in the future but that might not be anytime soon.

    -Chris G.
  2. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    Veeerry Nice!

    That's a straight-shot crank you got there, way better oiling

    Bore & Stroke?
    Deck height? (from the centre of the pin to the top of the piston)
    Rod length? (from the centre of the pin to the centre of the big end journal)
    Journal sizes?

    I'm trying to log all the different available stoker options
  3. Alwayzsidewayz

    Alwayzsidewayz ST162 Guru Donated!

    MR2 Turbo I race againist uses the HKS option just as you posted.

    He makes a good consistent 450bhp with a nice big garret under the hood, reliable too.

    great buy, I am jealous...

    any thoughts as to the rest of your engine spec? Stand alone ECU wise, I am chuffed with my Haltech, But it does not come with a dedicated plug and play harness, so install is a bit more drawn out. The only other negative for me is the constant power drain from it, is higher than some others.

    On the flip side, I find it very accesible, its easy to use the data logging, add extras such as anti lag / Nos / flat shift etc, and the suport and info available has always been A1 8)
  4. Jester

    Jester Well-Known Member


    Mega Lucky there man, Can't wait to see what this monster Engine build makes.
  5. Mafix

    Mafix Owner Staff Member Administrator Donated!

    very very nice.
  6. G-Zone

    G-Zone Guest

    Thanks guys.

    That's good to know. I did notice the holes for the oiling but wasn't sure what they were called. You can also see (2nd pic) they put several holes on the side of the pistons for better oiling too.
    From what I understood the Piston and Rods are supposed to be direct replacement of the stock piston and rods, and the Crank is the actual piece that makes it a 2.2.
    Originally HKS Stroker kit only came with the Crank and Pistons to be used with the stock rods. The HKS Rods are separate from the kit.

    Price? Well the kit is Discontinued but I saw somewhere say it was was priced around $6,500 new (Crank, Piston, Rods). If you were to buy the HKS Rods alone that would be $1,500. Price is ridiculous but I surely didn't pay that much :D .

    I got the kit stored right now, but I'll try to get some measurements.
  7. G-Zone

    G-Zone Guest

    I'd be happy with 450hp lol.

    I'm not sure what EMS to go with since I'm not in the market for one just yet. Same with the turbo.
    What I have installed right now is the ATS Racing's CT27 Turbo (upgraded CT26) and the HKS VPC with the Apexi SAFC2, and I'm pushing 267hp to the wheels.

    These mechanics I used to take my celica to were making some crazy race cars with "Link Engine Management" from New Zealand. They built a Rally WRX for Pikes Peak hill climb and a One Lap Supra with the Link ECU.
    So in the end, I might buy a Link G4 EMS since its something that always caught my eye. It has Antilag Group A/N, Launch & Traction control. They also have a pretty cool interface/Display you can attach with it if you want.
    They retail about $1000 to $1200 I think:
    http://www.linkecu.com/products/engine- ... s/g4-storm

    -Chris G.
  8. Alwayzsidewayz

    Alwayzsidewayz ST162 Guru Donated!

    Quite a few Gt4s here use the Link G4, so its proven with our cars too. :D

    And once again I am jealous!!! lol
  9. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    So what was the outcome?
  10. kevinkyang

    kevinkyang Well-Known Member Donated!

  11. G-Zone

    G-Zone Guest

    What's up guys, I'm still alive, lol.

    I had to put the project on hold for a while and basically stored away all the parts until I'm ready to finish it.
    I needed to chill out and concentrate on other projects I had going on (non auto). I'm super anxious to see it finished, but it would really be tragic for me to start spending $$ to build it and then put myself in a possible pinch to sell it.
    This Celica has been my dream car when I was a teenager.
    When I finally found and bought this Celica back in 2001 I vowed never to sell it, so I'm just trying to play it smart here so I can keep it forever. :)
  12. 187flatliner

    187flatliner Seat Breaker Donated!

    thats all you can do....
  13. Jamezzy

    Jamezzy Well-Known Member Donated!

    Whatsup man, welcome back! NIIICEE 165! I've seen pictures of your car with the Skyline. Just awesome.
  14. G-Zone

    G-Zone Guest

    Thanks man, I appreciate that.
    I want to change my wheels from 16's to 18's+ in the future, but only if I can find another set of the same Sparco's in the correct offset for my car. I think I've been influenced too much by the HellaFlush movement here lol.
    Plus it would be nice to be able to fit larger performance brakes. I'm surprised there are not any aftermarket adjustable suspension pieces for our Celicas like 240sx's and Corollas.

    This one :thumbsup: I haven't taken new pics since then so those pics are still the latest.
  15. 187flatliner

    187flatliner Seat Breaker Donated!

    sexy....i demand more pics.
  16. Seank90

    Seank90 Well-Known Member Donated!

    your very smart thinking like that

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