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FS: ST162 lowering springs

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by tartan, May 20, 2013.

  1. tartan

    tartan Member

    So I have five full sets of lowering springs from Dobinsons (Australia) for the ST162.

    These are all brand new, in the box.

    I'd like to first offer them to the Celica community for dirt cheap -- hoping someone can use and appreciate them.

    I'll sell them, shipping included to anywhere in the 48 US states, for $60 a set. If you live elsewhere, PM me for a shipping quote.

    - Dobinsons Spring & Suspension
    - Part numbers C59-094V and C59-213V
    - ST162 only (they probably fit the ST165, but I wouldn't say they would be stiff enough for the added weight)
    - These will lower the car between 20mm and 30mm, depending how much your car has sagged due to age.
    - They are approximately 25% stiffer than stock, and are progressive rate, front and rear.
    - Powdercoated for rust protection.

    Location: Littleton, CO

    Pics are below.

    Thanks for looking!



  2. Niko

    Niko Member

    will it fit 1985 celica sx? sorry im not sure, im a newbie of this car.
  3. tartan

    tartan Member

    They're for the st162, which Toyota started making in 08/1985. What is your VIN, and I can confirm.
  4. Niko

    Niko Member

    how much are u selling it? how much to deliver in australia, 85 celica sx is st162, they will fit it
  5. Nater88

    Nater88 Guest

    lowering springs

    still for sale??
  6. tsangwailokm

    tsangwailokm Guest

    Im in California and do you still have it??
  7. tartan

    tartan Member

    These are made in Australia....would be a bit strange to ship them back there. :) You still want a quote?
  8. tartan

    tartan Member

    Yes, there are a few sets left.
  9. BogzillaGTR

    BogzillaGTR Active Member Super Moderator

    Hi, I'm new to st162.net but am already loving it here, feels like a great community :) I am very interested in purchasing a full set of spring for my st162, how much would you charge to get them over here in NZ ?

  10. tartan

    tartan Member

    PM sent
  11. khan

    khan Guest

    87 celica coupe

    Do you still have these? Do I need to change my struts to put these on?

    Sorry I new to all this...
  12. tartan

    tartan Member

    Yes i do. Please PM me your address, so I can get you a shipping quote to Canada.

    You may want to replace your struts, but it is not mandatory.
  13. khan

    khan Guest

    How do I PM you my address? One more question, what kind of struts fit in to st162? Sorry I am new to this forum as well.
  14. tartan

    tartan Member

    Just click my name on the left, then choose Private Message.

    I haven't kept up with what struts or inserts are currently available for the ST162. Others will have to point you in the right direction. But if you can get Koni Sport twin-tubes, you'll be very happy. :) Tokico is also nice. Don't waste your money on KYB GR2, unless you just want stock performance.

  15. pandafabrications

    pandafabrications Active Member Donated!

  16. tartan

    tartan Member

    My email was down for a week+, so I missed all the PM notifications.

    Anyway ... I've sent you guys quotes.
  17. CO86GTS

    CO86GTS Member

    Do you have any of these sets still for sale? I live in Aurora CO and can pick them up this weekend. :)
  18. tartan

    tartan Member

    Yes I do. What day do you want to come over? I'm in Roxborough (near Chatfield Reservoir).
  19. CO86GTS

    CO86GTS Member

    I work over off of Broadway and 470. PM your info and maybe we can hook up somewhere close by?

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