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Bempa´s ST165

Discussion in 'Your 4th Gen beauty' started by Bempa, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Bempa

    Bempa Active Member

    Hi guys, I´ve been lurking around on this forum for a while. I have a small and slowgoing project ST165.
    I figured i could do a thread on it even if it´s a ST165. I already have a thread on alltrac.net and i will just copy and paste the posts from there to get it up to date
  2. Bempa

    Bempa Active Member

    This is my Celica i bought unseen as a forgotten project car.
    [​IMG]DSC01485 by Benny_Gustavson, on Flickr

    As you can see it´s been a 5 star hotel for the rats the last couple of years.
    [​IMG]DSC01474 by Benny_Gustavson, on Flickr

    The smell in the car was awful! I cleaned the interior three times with all the strong stuff I could find! The smell went away! ..... For one day! Then it was back again! Decided to replace the whole interior,
    A nice surprise beneath the carpet was the lack of rust :D
    [​IMG]DSC01494 by Benny_Gustavson, on Flickr
  3. Bempa

    Bempa Active Member

    The guy who sold the car told me that it would run if I just put a battery in, tried that one! Of course it did not start.
    Could not hear the buzzing from the fuelpump so decided to drop the fuel tank for a change.

    When I finally got the fuel tank down after som wrestling with rusted nuts&bolts I could take a look at the fuel pump, It was not a pretty sight.

    [​IMG]DSC01443 by Benny_Gustavson, on Flickr

    Took a peek inside the tank, think I need to replace it later, but that will be later.
    Badly rusted inside, this car has been sitting still for many years, and this is one of the results after that

    [​IMG]DSC01445 by Benny_Gustavson, on Flickr

    After the fuelpump change the car started and run. :D

    I must show you guys the level of repairs from the previous owner, I have found some very interesting repairs but this one takes the 10,000 dollar price

    When i opened the hood that hose repair between turbo and intercooler got me curious!
    [​IMG]DSC01433 by Benny_Gustavson, on Flickr

    So I cut trough the duct tape to see whats going on. this is what I found!
    [​IMG]IMAG0166 by Benny_Gustavson, on Flickr

    It´s a TOILET PAPER ROLL!! :shrug:
  4. Bempa

    Bempa Active Member

    Issue with turbo hose is solved for now, got a ss pipe with silicone hoses to connect to IC and turbo and a blue BOV. That will do for now because that´s what I found in the garage. Need to make it look OEM later on. I do not like it when you can see that it´s not OEM. But this car is supposed to be on a budget so can´t buy everything new.

    Here´s some pictures with old-new interior.
    [​IMG]IMAG0167 by Benny_Gustavson, on Flickr
    [​IMG]DSC01500 by Benny_Gustavson, on Flickr

    Ohhhh.... I really need to clean the carpet where the pedals are, and the pedals! That look dirty......

    These little bastards always seem to be broken in the Celicas! Lucky that they are not that expensive.
    [​IMG]DSC01508 by Benny_Gustavson, on Flickr
  5. Bempa

    Bempa Active Member

    Sorry for not updating, but life is busy with family, little daughter and cars.
    Have been doing some work on the car, sorted aout some exhaust leaks and oil leaks from turbocharger, fixed a oil leak from oilpan aswell. And mainly fixin small stuff that have been tempered with trying to get car ready for some winter abuse.

    Bad news is it seems like center coupling is not working, only one front wheel is spinning. have anoyne managed to rebuilt a center coupling. I know that Toyota says it´s not rebuildable, but have anyone tried?

    Also got a coolant leak from water radiator for interccoler and a bad misfiring when engine gets up to operating temperature.

    [​IMG]Oil pan installed by Benny_Gustavson, on Flickr

    Oilpan back on to fix that oil leak.

    [​IMG]Oil pan installed by Benny_Gustavson, on Flickr

    Cleaning som oily bolts

    [​IMG]DSC_0118 by Benny_Gustavson, on Flickr

    Painted water lines
  6. Bempa

    Bempa Active Member

    And now it´s up to date, this post is from today... So you see it´s quite slowgoing.. but from time to time i take it out and a fix little stuff on it and drive it a while, then i put it away for a while

    This is how i drove with it last winter

    [​IMG]IMG_1861 by Benny Gustafsson, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_1860 by Benny Gustafsson, on Flickr

    As you can see it´s missing some mouldings and black front bumper. For this winter I´m going to paint missing mouldings anf bumper, may do som other bits and pieces aswell. But will try to get it look more complete.

    It´s a really bad home paint job on this car. Some places to thin, some places got really bad peeling, and the masking was terrible

    Just look at this picture and you can se how bad the paint job is

    [​IMG]IMG_1862 by Benny Gustafsson, on Flickr

    This is a very slow going project and will do some of this and some of that when I feel up to it.

    The plan for this year before i take it out for the winter is as above, paint missing parts and bumoer.
    Make me a new exhaust system including downpipe, may use a standard midpipe, does anyone now how much of a restriction a standard mudpipe is? Is it enough with 2,5" system? I wont be going high boost on this.

    Sort out some misfiring issues i had last winter

    And try this ECU i have, it got a name labeled on circuit board... I´m curious to what difference it will make to the car, Does anyone have any knowledge about this maybe? I took a picture of the label i found
    [​IMG]DSC_0185 by Benny Gustafsson, on Flickr
  7. CelicaSteve

    CelicaSteve Well-Known Member Staff Member Super Moderator Donated!

    Welcome from the UK :cool: Benny, you've done a good job on the interior, can't believe the previous owners' bodged up jobs ;) Keep us updated as often as you can.
  8. Bempa

    Bempa Active Member

    Thanks, will keep updating. I've started collecting parts for prepping and paint. I'm trying not to get overboard with it
  9. MattC

    MattC Well-Known Member Donated!

    Despite the previous owners dodgy work it looks like a nice solid base to build off :thumbsup:

    haha we all say that, never seems to work out that way though :lol
  10. Bempa

    Bempa Active Member

    Yes it´s pretty solid. Very minimal with rust, but LH rear quarter is starting to get bad.
    I took the car out for a spin in the snow yesterday.. Oh boy, they dont make cars like this anymore :(
  11. Bempa

    Bempa Active Member

    Well, in past fes days we have gotten alot of snow... ;)

    So been out and driving some

    [​IMG]DSC_0080 by Benny Gustafsson, on Flickr

    Also started to sort through my spare headlights to pick out the best parts.
    Got some spares lying around

    [​IMG]DSC_0081 by Benny Gustafsson, on Flickr
  12. Bempa

    Bempa Active Member

    Got myself som weird electrical problems, charge light and light failure lamp goes on and off intermittent during driving. Boost guage that havent been working the whole time I have hade the car is suddenly working intermittent. And then the screenwasher stopped working, only got 1v down to the pump when i press the button
  13. 4thgenceli

    4thgenceli Test Dummy

    Check all grounds and check the alternator and battery output. Alternator could be starting to go out.

    Sent from Naboo
  14. Bempa

    Bempa Active Member

    I have checked all the grounds i could find, and when i measure output i got 14,6 volt. So it seems like alternator is working like it should
  15. thesherv

    thesherv Well-Known Member Donated!

    its certainly had an 'interesting' previous life,its good that you've taken it on though.The toilet roll tube is so bad its almost awesome :crazy
  16. Bempa

    Bempa Active Member

    This is how it looks when i´m chasing down electrical issues, mayhem :banghead
    [​IMG]DSC_0097 by Benny Gustafsson, on Flickr

    But I found the little bugger that´s causing battery light flickering
    It´s not easy to see, but look at the black connection, and there you see a little wire coming out, it´s supposed to be yellow, but it´s all black from grime.. but you can se it´s broken there

    [​IMG]DSC_0095 by Benny Gustafsson, on Flickr

    So one down and several to go :)
  17. CelicaSteve

    CelicaSteve Well-Known Member Staff Member Super Moderator Donated!

    Excellent work Benny, that takes some investigating, did it take long to find ?
  18. Bempa

    Bempa Active Member

    Thanks! :D

    Yes it took quite long time, maybe like 4h to fix it. The yellow connectors you the right is the ones to the ECU, i did spend most of the time pulling up that harness. I did that so i could stand in the same spot and measure continuity in the wires in a easy way, i do not have that long wires to my DMM that i could leave in the car and i felt it was worth the time so i get a greater look over the whole picture when i measured the wiring harnes.

    When i got out the wiring harness and started measuring i was actually quite fast work to actually find the faulty wie and track down where it was broken.

    Since it was broken so close to the connector I made a new repair wire with a new terminal that i crimped on, i was quite lucky to actually have new terminals in my garage that fitted in OEM connector. So with new wire with a new terminal crimped on it looked like this

    [​IMG]DSC_0098 by Benny Gustafsson, on Flickr
  19. Bempa

    Bempa Active Member

    I have spent some time on my other electrical issues aswell. I saw one morning that it looked like i have a leaking cowl panel beneath the windsheild

    [​IMG]DSC_0090 by Benny Gustafsson, on Flickr

    Investigated that and found that it´s a freaking rust hole there... :mad:

    So i suspected i got water in fuse box in the a-pillar.
    So i started do get into that this is how it looked on the back side

    Water dripping
    [​IMG]DSC_0116 by Benny Gustafsson, on Flickr

    The green hell
    [​IMG]DSC_0118 by Benny Gustafsson, on Flickr

    So spent som time with this
    [​IMG]DSC_0120 by Benny Gustafsson, on Flickr

    I took every affected terminal out of their connector like this, one at the time
    [​IMG]DSC_0119 by Benny Gustafsson, on Flickr

    And cleaned them with the small wire brush and brake cleaner, then sprayed them with electronics spray and wiped them down.

    So now all other electrical issues is gone :D
  20. CelicaSteve

    CelicaSteve Well-Known Member Staff Member Super Moderator Donated!

    Superb ! I admire your skills and dedication. Looking at all those wires gives me a headache :confused:

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