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3S-GE Idle Problem.

Discussion in 'Diagnosis/Help' started by Havok, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Havok

    Havok Guest

    so i have a problem, i recently bought a 86 Celica with the 3S-GE and on cold idle it is poor and almost can hold, it idles at around 750 is not less, you give it a rev and when it drops it almost doesn't catch and stalls, its especially bad when you have just taken off when cold cause it will just stall. although when it is warm it will idle at around 1500rpm and wont drop, as far as i know the car is stock. it has the T-VIS throttle body, i am thinking my ISC has gone awol? or my VSV has? i found a few vacuum lines disconnected but put them back on and it made no difference, this is a new engine seeing that i have worked on Kseries engines for too long, now i look at this and go uhhhh i dunno :/ could somebody help me?
  2. tonys

    tonys Guest

    check oxygen sensor

    Every couple of years I have to replace the oxygen sensor whenever the car almost stalls from low revs (e.g. when air con on and braking and engine hot). Replacing is very d.i.y and not expensive so give that a try.
    f.y.i. many "professional" mechanics have wasted my money cleaning throttles and replacing air conditioner bits either because they are idiots or played me for one until I worked out what the actual problem was.
  3. Mickey.B

    Mickey.B Member

    I have similar idle probably but it fluctuates between 750-2500, maybe, but it won't stall I reviewed on the throttle a few times and it stopped, it only happened once but the guy I bought it from noted it to me, it's 89 GT-S 3sge with 101k miles on it, it's in great shape inside and out. Which is very rare in MN with the salt on ice roads. So idk what it could be.
  4. lone wolf

    lone wolf Well-Known Member Donated!

    On cold or also on warm starts? Cold could be your cold start injector.
  5. Mickey.B

    Mickey.B Member

    Well it happened to me after a short drive then about 30-40 min rest. It's only happened twice since I bought it in February this year.

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