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1989 SX Liftback, Auto - "Ghost"

Discussion in 'Your 4th Gen beauty' started by Moused, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Moused

    Moused Well-Known Member

    Decent weather today, so as I mentioned before... Pics of the painted corners:

    Crappy, scuffed up gray to a nice solid black

  2. CelicaSteve

    CelicaSteve Well-Known Member Staff Member Super Moderator Donated!

    Now that's looking brand new :cool:
  3. Moused

    Moused Well-Known Member

    Weather finally cleared up today, so I jumped at the transmission clean I had planned.. Filter, fluid.
    Popped the pan off without any issues, no stubborn bolts... It all went very smooth, honestly.

    This filthy beasty needed a good clean... the magnets were heavily coated with flakes, and black sludge.


    I cleaned the magnets off with a rag, and got some TB cleaner into the pan... You really can't appreciate how filthy it was, until you see it clean..
    The fluid was a dark, borderline sludge colour.. It was long overdue.

    .. and finally the new filter beside the old.. The mesh was clean (as you'd hope)..

    So the new filter went in, pan back on... Had no dramas aligning the gasket or anything similar.. so all in all it was a very easy job.
    I topped the fluid off, and took it for a drive - to a nice little improvement. The gears are changing smoother, with a little more ease.
    I didn't clean the old fluid completely out, so I'll drop it again in about a week (if that), and top the fluid off again.
  4. Stig

    Stig ST162 Guru Donated!

    I hope you remembered to drain and fill the diff as well?
    Welcome to the auto box, 20yrs+ is an achievement without overhaul, above the filter is the valve body filled with tiny springs and pistons, I think running some engine cleaner in the oil for a day or two may help clean it
  5. Moused

    Moused Well-Known Member

    Planning on it when I drop the fluid again. Does it just take auto trans fluid? Can't find a solid answer around
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2014
  6. spyder

    spyder Well-Known Member

    I need to do mine too as im sure its never been done before lol. Looking good. Got that night pic up for ya.
  7. Moused

    Moused Well-Known Member

    I'd get on it, for sure. It made a small (but noticeable enough) difference.. Could be in my head, who cares. I'm happy, lol
    I changed out the key light, too. Nice blue to match my radio. 3 panels around the steering had to come off, so I went on a bolt hunt.. I'll throw up a pic when it gets darker

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