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New Profile Posts

  1. Datoo
    Datoo CyberRad
    Hi there,

    I saw a compilation of BGB for ST162. I wonder if you have rest of the pages for that specific BGB. There is a similar one for ST165. The one you have compiled (1988) matches perfectly with my Celica ST162 (1989) for Symptom (high engine speed no drop) and Air Valve.


  2. Rick89GTS
    Rick89GTS 89celicagt
    Hey, still selling the OEM vinyls?
  3. ST165myGUY
    1988 Toyota Celica All Trac
  4. nzcelicagt
    nzcelicagt Campbell_NZ
    Would love to see more pics if you still have car?
  5. JDMst162
    Returning to the ST162 cult!
  6. Mickey
  7. pablosky
    86' Celica ST161 3SGE 3er Gen
  8. pablosky
    86' St161
  9. kny48
  10. Andrew royle
    Andrew royle Glauxspeed
    Hey do you have the shifter cables for sale from your part out?
  11. Kenny00
    Kenny00 Stig
    Hey mate sunshine coast here, just brought a mint project 88 st coupe one owner..new to site and st162s just thought I'd say gidday as it looks like your the Aussie guru here;)
  12. David&st162
    Owner of st162
  13. David&st162
    Fixing rust on my st162 2.0 GT-i 16v twin cam...
  14. Greg
    Big Toyota fan, trying to help my aunt find some parts for her addition.
  15. 5678tyui
    5678tyui nfocus
    Hi. I just read a post where you mentioned that "there is a 1989 Coupe at a local junkyard... in San Diego".

    I too live in San Diego and was hoping that you wouldn't mind sharing which junkyard you found the Coupe. By the way, would you happen know the engine type (3sfe, 3sge, etc)?

    4 or 8 years ago, they were plentiful at the junkyards. Difficult to find now. Would appreciate. Thanks.
    1. nfocus likes this.
  16. Mickey.B
    Looking to get the Heat working on my 89' Celica GT-S!
  17. Eli_celica_guy
    Hello, my name is Eli. Im new to the celica scene. Just picked up an '88 gts and im looking for help and ideas for what to do with it.
    1. Eli_celica_guy
      So far, I've noticed the car seems to have no power after about 4k rpm. Im assuming its valve float. It has a stock 1st gen 3sge engine that has less than 50k miles on it. Anyone have any ideas on why it might be falling off after 4k?
      Jan 13, 2017
  18. goingfinn
    Probably wont be posting/updating in st162.net again.
  19. AdnanMk
    AdnanMk 89GT-S_Coupe
    Hello I would like to buy a fuel rail and injectors from your parted out celica!

    let me know if you still have it!

    Thank you
  20. nomad
    nomad sillyca
    Hey! I found your pictures from your boosted 3sge.

    Do you have aftermarket ecu or aftermarket inductors?

    I've started a boosting project and I would like to have some information about your 3sge ;)