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    Little light within brake lights not working...

    Check the switch and connection on top of the gearbox (manual), if its auto I suggest refitting the plug on the gearbox

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    my old scrap

    Hi Nando, hows things in Joburg nowdays?
    Yea Matt, cars you wanna keep are expensive to keep alive but if you want parts you just spend $300 on

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    intermittent starter

    Old, but I'll seal off this thread.

    Works like a charm now. Not missed a beat.

    Gauge of wire is anything that'll handle

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    my old scrap

    Amen brother

    You've got to keep them registered over here, if you let the registration lapse for more than three months it becomes

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    my old scrap

    Hi Mattc everything is fine car as well doing good,engine broke again the other day but have sorted it out.
    Had small accident with it nothing major

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